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  • Cake is a cat

    So, I've been thining about how the series is going to turn in Season 6. I have no idea what they have thought up, but I would only hope that its going to be like this season. So, I've thought up a bit of an "idea list" for what Season 6 might hold within the comfines of space time that is AT.

    If we look back a bit on the previous seasons, Season 4 and 5 have shed the most light on the dark atmosphere surrounding Simon and Marci's backstory. I'm not implying that we will only hear about them, but what I'm getting at is that we will probably learn the dark secrets of more characters, like Princess Bubblegum, Jake, Finn, and a tiny bit more about the Lich(he will be a part of this too).

    The World of Ooo is what seems to be a continent, so there …

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    Green trees brushed past existance with each stroke of Lady's hooves. Four long and boring hours of sitting on a stagecoach full of precious artifacts could realy make one think. This one is someone most of you readers might know as Princess Bubblegum, but we're exploring a different timeline, so therefore she will be reffered to as Bonnibel Sugarsound. The sound of Lady's constant galloping bored Bonni, and her eyes were slowly closing. She snapped awake, seeing the city of Sacremento on the horizon. "Alright ol' girl! Just a few short miles and we can finaly go back home!" She looked around, checking to see if any bandits were gaining. "So far, so good," she said, the perimeter check turninng out succesful.

    "Hold it right there, Bonnibel. …

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  • Cake is a cat

    Adventure Time is a show full of fighting, drama, and of course, adventures. But what happened before the world of Ooo? Something very dark, that killed off a race in a flash. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, they Mushroom War.

    The beggining of the war was as any war would start, unknown! In a few days, there were jets roaring across the sky, dropping the pellets of fire onto the earth. Families fled to the shelters, knowing that this day would come, when their human empire would crumble. The final day of the war has finaly come, and the last jet is in the air, carrying the final weapon. The weapon flls twoard the ground...then, all life on the surface is blasted to bits by sheer nuclear force. The land os still, and silent, as a chunk of Ea…

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