Adventure Time is a show full of fighting, drama, and of course, adventures. But what happened before the world of Ooo? Something very dark, that killed off a race in a flash. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, they Mushroom War.


The beggining of the war was as any war would start, unknown! In a few days, there were jets roaring across the sky, dropping the pellets of fire onto the earth. Families fled to the shelters, knowing that this day would come, when their human empire would crumble. The final day of the war has finaly come, and the last jet is in the air, carrying the final weapon. The weapon flls twoard the ground...then, all life on the surface is blasted to bits by sheer nuclear force. The land os still, and silent, as a chunk of Earth is disinterated into nothing.


The war did not go unoticed, as a whole peice of the Earth has been destroyed. Very few families are emerging from the shelters, looking horrifyed to see everything gone. Hundreds of years go by, as mutants are formed, just oozing shells of the humans that once were them. A young Marceline and Simon are wandering the city that looks to be San Franscisco, when Simon losses sanity, while singing the Cheers theme song. A thousand years after the war, the siol is still littered with artifacts from the old race of humans, with only one human child living on the continent known as Ooo.

May this not come upon our world, and humans shall still live on and surpass this time.