User:Candy Prince Peppermint and Marceline goes on a date.


CPP went to Marceline's cave and ask her for a date then Marceline accepts.CPP went home to plan their date.First CPP choose what to wear and he choose his Tuxedo that was pass of for generations from the royal family the tuxedo was specifically used for dates.Second he plan what to do and he chose Cake his royal pet to be his ride as he and Marceline would be chase by wolves.Then they will go to The Land of the Dead and they will use a Wall of Flesh as a bait so they can battle Skeletons and CPP chose Cake in morning star mode as a wea-pon.After that they will fill they will go to Death's Castle so CPP can introduce Marceline to Death and to return to the Land of Ooo.After Candy Prince Peppermint's plan was finished CPP went to the Evil Forest to capture a Wall of Flesh.Then Night Fall CPP went to Marceline's Cave by using Cake and told Maeceline to bring her Axe Bass,then Marcekine ask why he said it's a secret.Marceline ask where they were going,then CPP told her what to do.All went according to plan.After the date Marceline gave CPP a kiss.


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