Cake got jealous when he heard CPP going to get a new pet.Cake runs away and CPP looks for Cake.


Cake was wandering in the castle when she heard 2 maids talking about CPP getting a new pet, then the other maid said that I think he will replace Cake with the new one.When CPP returned he recieve a letter from the butler the letter was from Cake.The message says "Dear, CPP I've heard that you are replacing me with a new pet,goodbye forever love,Cake".Cake was seen talking to the Breakfast and Toast Princess asking them for her to be their Royal Pet, when suddenly CPP entered with his new pet Lord Monochromicorn and one of the Candy Maid that Cake saw talking a while ago, CPP said to Cake the Candy Maid told him that he was only giving an opinion, then Cake said oh an opinion okay, then the Candy Maid ask for forgiveness to CPP and Cake both of them forgive her.Cake said to BP and TP that I cancel my request.Then when Cake asked a question to CPP if she was going to be replaced and CPP said no,then Cake asked how did you guys found me, CPP replied remember the Royal Necklace I gave you, Cake replied yes,CPP said I can track you down using my Crown because of your Necklace,Cake said okay,Cake asked again who is the new guy,CPP replied oh this Lord Monocromicorn,Cake said cool name.


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