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  • I was born on September 17
  • I am Female!
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    The first day I came on this wiki, was for Adventure Time puposes. I liked the website, so I decided to sign up. The day I signed up, I learned about blogs, and chat, and all of that kinda stuff. I went on a blog and saw some of the comments. Nothing there had anything to do with Adventure Time accept for the names. I mean, seriously? It is not the Adventure Time prob I am talking about, it is the language, and the fights, and the down right rudeness of us all. We should be ashamed of ourselves for being this way. Would you insult people and fight with them 24/7 in real life? I mean, i'm 11 and every time I go on the wiki I see at least 5 bad words. I am not saying everybody does it, and I am not saying that I don't do it either! I am just…

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    >Mrs. Nicholson- Let’s go to SNACK!</span>=====

    Kaela- I have Japanese soda!</span>=====

    Drew- And I have this potion that will turn us all into banshees! *opens a magic-looking bottle, turning everyone into banshees*</span>=====

    Everyone- *They all scream like wild banshees until they get to the classroom and restore to humans*</span>=====

    THE END!

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    Just because I wrote a FinnxMarceline Fan-Fiction doesn't mean I am shipping them. This was just an idea. Enjoy!

    P.S. The story is kinda is reccomended for ages 10 and up only!


    One dark day in the land of Ooo, Finn and Jake were up in their attic with Marceline for jam time.

    "Wow, I cannot believe my dad is that good of an actor. I was talking to him the other day and he told me how much he wanted to kill you, Finn!" Said Marceline .

    "Really? Oh glob. I hope he isn't after me right now!" Said Finn, worried.

    "Well, the only way he could kill you is to brainwash me into killing you, or he will find a way out of the Nightophere."

    "Jeez, I h…

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    April 29, 2012 by Candy Princess

    This is a taco blog.

    It is for taco peeps.

    i like tacos

    tacos are good

    so post everything taco

    you holding a taco

    you eating a taco

    good pictures of tacos

    because i love tacos

    even though i only eat them once a month :3

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    This blog is for funny pictures, sayings, videos, ANYTHING. Together we will try to get it on the top edits bar TOGETHER!!!!!!! I like tacos, they are much better than burritos. I like the KEYBOARD CAT.

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