Characters- Emmi, Meredith, Zoey, Joe, Matt, James, Sean, Nicole, Joey, Marietta, Matthew, Jack, Keegan, Katie, Ollie, Gianna, Daphne, Drew, Kaela, Mrs. Nicholson, Random Gym Teacher (RGT), Police #1 and #2, Giant Taco, and Chinchilla the Chinchilla.
*Everyone comes into the classroom*
Matt- Hello everyone!
Zoey- Look at this cardboard box I made, out of CARDBOARD!!! *climbs into box*
Sean- Look at my GLASSES!
Emmi- Dude, nobody cares.
Meredith- I like chocolate.
Keegan- *starts reading*
*Joey and James start marching around the room*
Mrs. Nicholson- Gym time! Line up!
Joe- Let’s go to gym!
Everyone- YEAH!!!
*Everyone walks to the gym*
Jack- The gym teacher isn’t here!
Daphne- Phht.
RGT- I am going to teach you youngsters how to play DODGEBALL!!!
Nicole- Um...we already know how to play dodgeball.
RGT- NOT MY WAY! *whacks Sean with a dodgeball in the face, knocking out three teeth*
Sean- OUCH!
RGT- *Points at Emmi* Now YOU try!
Emmi- Um...NO!
Kaela- I WILL!!!
Everyone- NOOO!
Kaela- Ok.
*Police #1 and #2 come rushing into the gym*
Police #1- GET HIM!
Police #2- Get that Joe kid too!
Police #1- Yeah! Let’s arrest both of em’!
*Police carry away RGT and Joe*
Daphne- Phht. Well that was weird!
Sean- My face hurts! *starts sobbing*
*Everyone starts laughing*
Sean- *talks over tears* I’M SERIOUS!
*Everyone laughs even harder*
Sean- AHHH! *runs to nurse*
Emmi- Well....ok!
*a disco ball comes out of the ceiling and everyone starts dancing until Mrs Nicholson comes to pick them up*
Mrs. Nicholson- Hello class!
Everyone- Hello!
Mrs. Nicholson- Look at my pet chinchilla!
Everyone- AMAZING!

>Mrs. Nicholson- Let’s go to SNACK!</span>=====

Kaela- I have Japanese soda!</span>=====

Drew- And I have this potion that will turn us all into banshees! *opens a magic-looking bottle, turning everyone into banshees*</span>=====

Everyone- *They all scream like wild banshees until they get to the classroom and restore to humans*</span>=====

Zoey- That was fun!
*Everyone eats snack while watching Kaela drink her Japanese soda*
Matt- Recess!
*Everyone goes outside to recess, have recess, then come in*
Nicole- Writing time...
*Sean, James, Zoey and Emmi rush over to the reading area*
Mrs. Nicholson- I brought some PIE! *gives everyone pie*
Everyone- Thank you!
Mrs. Nicholson- Your welcome!
*Everyone eats the pie until lunch time*
Nicole- Now it’s lunch time!
Meredith- Well, nobody’s hungry, right? We should play with hula-hoops instead!
Everyone- OK!
*Everyone hula-hoops until lunch is over*
Daphne- Phht! It’s math!
Emmi- Lets eat the leftover pie!
Joe- I’m back!
Zoey- IT”S JOE! CALL 911!
*Everybody screams and captures Joe in a giant net*
Police #1- Ugh not YOU again!
*Police #2 handcuffs Joe and carries him away*
Emmi- Joe, Joe, Joe! Always getting himself into trouble!
Daphne- PHHT! PHHT!
Matthew- Um.. what?
Daphne- PHHHT!!!
*Everyone eats the leftover pie*
Emmi- Oh, science!
Mrs. Nicholson- we get to TAKE APART SQUIDS!
Everyone- YAY!!!
*Everyone takes apart the squids, making 5 people throw up*
Daphne- Ehh. Phht. It’s INDEPENDENT WORK TIME!!!
*Everyone does independent work*
Zoey- It’s time to pack up!!!
*Everyone goes home*
*A giant taco comes into the room, and starts dancing while Police #1 and #2 chase Joe in back of the taco*