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Hello, it's Candy Princess here! I have been wanting to create a blog about Adventure Time Matchups. I am especially talking about Finn. He has many choises if he wants to marry a princess. i am going to list a bunch of random matches that might look good with Finn as a gf. Some are going to be completely stupid, but some peeps may like it. There is quite a lot of them!!!

1. Finn + Princess Bubblegum

2. Finn + Marceline

3. Finn + Flame Princess

4. Finn + Lumpy Space Princess

5. Finn + Breakfast Princess

6. Finn + Hotdog Priness

7. Finn + Slime Princess

8. Finn + Susan Strong ( I know, she isn't even a PRINCESS )

9. Finn + Princess Princess Princess

Ok, there, lots of choices. I am going to post another one of this kind of blog, in a while. Please Comment!

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