Finceline Fan-Fiction

Just because I wrote a FinnxMarceline Fan-Fiction doesn't mean I am shipping them. This was just an idea. Enjoy!

P.S. The story is kinda is reccomended for ages 10 and up only!


One dark day in the land of Ooo, Finn and Jake were up in their attic with Marceline for jam time.

"Wow, I cannot believe my dad is that good of an actor. I was talking to him the other day and he told me how much he wanted to kill you, Finn!" Said Marceline .

"Really? Oh glob. I hope he isn't after me right now!" Said Finn, worried.

"Well, the only way he could kill you is to brainwash me into killing you, or he will find a way out of the Nightophere."

"Jeez, I hope glob is with me on this one!" Said Finn.

"Yeah." Said Marceline

"Imma go get some snacks." Said Jake, already halfway down the stairs.

"Ok we'll be up here!" Said Finn.

What the three didn't know was that Marceline's dad was finding a way to get out of the Nightophere right at that moment, to kill Finn.

"I should of never trusted him with that crystal." Said Marceline.

Suddenly, a loud rumble cane from downstairs, Finn and Marceline could hear a door slam, followed by Jake's yell. Then, another slam, and they knew Jake was safe.

"It's my dad, Finn! We have to get out of here!" Screamed Marceline, flying out of the window

In one hand was her base guitar, and in the other, Finn. Marceline saw her dad down below chasing her. She couldn't let her dad kill Finn.

"DAD, GET LOST!" Yelled Marceline.

"NO! That boy has coused me so much pain! He has to be killed! Yelled Marceline's dad from below.

"Finn, we need to bring you somewhere else! Screamd Marceline.

"Where?" Said Finn.

"Away from my dad!" And right after she said that, she flew up, up, up into a cloud.

"This will keep you safe for a while, but to really keep you safe I have to..."

"To what?" said Finn


"What?" Said Finn, waiting for a full answer.

"To turn you into...a...vampire."

Finn gasped, and he had to face the facts. He had to become a vampire if he wanted to stay in this world.

"Ok." Said Finn, now terrified.

"I can't do this!" Yelled Marceline.

Suddenly, a dark lightning bolt came shooting up from below, hitting Marceline.

"I WILL KILL FINN!" Yelled Marceline, brainwashed.

"No Marceline! This isn't you!" Yelled Finn.

Suddenly, Marceline found a wooden steak and jabbed it into Finn's mouth.

"No...Marcel...ine..." Said Finn, dying.

Then that moment, Marceline was not brainwashed anymore.

"What have I done?" asked Marceline, crying, looking at Finn.

"WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?" Sobbed Marceline.

Suddenly, a spark of hope popped up in Marceline's mind. She could turn him into a vampire! Marceline leaned close to Finn's neck, biting down and turning him into a vampire.

"M..m...Marceline?" whispered Finn.

"Finn!" Screamed Marceline, her mind flooded with joy as she hugged him. Finn didn't even know what happened.

"Dude, check your hair and, and your skin!" Said Marceline, witing to see the changes from the transformation. Finn took of his hat and Marceline smiled at his new black hair and grey skin.

"Buddy, your a vampire now!" Sreamed Marceline.

"I..I...I am?" whispered Finn.

"YEAH!" Yelled Marceline.

"Oh, I need to do something really quick!" Said Marceline, as she flew down and banished her dad back to the Nightosphere and finding jake to tell him everything was alright now. Now, Marceline will be as happy as ever, knowing that she saved her best friend.