aka Jordan Maron

  • I live in Jerry's Tree
  • I was born on February 10
  • My occupation is Minecrafter
  • I am a Friend of Jerry the Slime
  • CaptainSparklez

    All right, so before you guys say "OMG you're not the real CaptainSparklez, you're so fake and gay!" I'm the real CS. My friend Nick (AllShamNoWow) told me to get a wiki account, because it was awesome.  And, I decided to get one.  So, just to clear it up, I'm the real CaptainSparklez.

                 I hate to tell you guys, but My server's down for maintenance, so don't beg to play on the server.

    Anyway, I really like Wikia!  I hope to become admin someday!


    Btw, I've heard stuff that the AT Wiki really sucks, because people never talk about AT, and actually talk about MLP.  I don't mind MLP, but I would like to talk about AT when I'm on the chat…

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