• CarlosAlberto

    There are some blank points in the episode, and some questions that I found:

    • If PB asked Finn to get the Enchiridion on the very first episodes of AT, does that means that she knew something about the Enchiridion importance?
    • Was there a cat in the scene that the Lich kills billy in Finn's dream, in front of the TV?
    • Is Billy dead or not? The Lich was at Billy's home, wich means that he probably captured him, or killed him and wore his skin (WEEEEIIIIIIRD).
    • What means Finn's dream? Is Finn going to die, like a croak dream, or was it a premonition for Billy's death?
    • If Finn dream left him direct to the Lich, does that mean that the Lich was manipulating his dream?
    • Is PB getting sadistic or trying to play God? That was one of her most weird scenes.
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