There are some blank points in the episode, and some questions that I found:

  • If PB asked Finn to get the Enchiridion on the very first episodes of AT, does that means that she knew something about the Enchiridion importance?
  • Was there a cat in the scene that the Lich kills billy in Finn's dream, in front of the TV?
  • Is Billy dead or not? The Lich was at Billy's home, wich means that he probably captured him, or killed him and wore his skin (WEEEEIIIIIIRD).
  • What means Finn's dream? Is Finn going to die, like a croak dream, or was it a premonition for Billy's death?
  • If Finn dream left him direct to the Lich, does that mean that the Lich was manipulating his dream?
  • Is PB getting sadistic or trying to play God? That was one of her most weird scenes.
  • Was Finn being manipulated by the Lich, after the Gumball Guardian attacked the fake Billy?
  • How did PB know that Billy was the Lich? Was she notified by the Gumball Guardian, or did she suspected of something from the very beggining?

Give your opinions and arguments, I'm so confused and excited with this episode, and I would like to see others opinions. (Sorry for my bad english, I'm from Brazil)