Hello to all the community

I wanted to give my opinion on the chapters of this newly completed miniseries (stakes).

Good things: the miniseries had from good action, to good comedy and I really did not expect a good comedy that Stakes would hunt vampires, while we discovered last Marcy.

As for the action, I was up to my expectations, my god, blood, Beating, and nailed stakes. Bad things: I could not help but be distracted by the anti-climate that turned out to be episode 6, if well, the creators wanted to make this mini series with comedy and action, but stakes did something that had never miss HDA and is: do comedy and drama at the same time, that's something that a cartoon, anime or history in general You should never do because if they do that downplay the drama and hence the danger of the moment feeling lost.

a person does not take seriously a part where you want to make drama series and then something funny happens.

another thing that annoyed me was the easy part miniseries that defeated the last 2 vampires (not counting the king vampire).

Oh, come on, this is? Twilight or what? as the vampire had to ask permission before entering the house? I guess you know who I mean xD.

Despite everything bad I said I really liked stakes I had time a chapter of HDA did not make me laugh that way. In short, I liked the 8 chapters of stakes but I upset the anti-weather circumstances of chapter 6 and how easy it defeated the vampires.

I give a rating of 8.5 VERY GOOD COMEDY

VERY GOOD DRAMA (most of the time)


I hope you found I liked do not forget to comment xD that's my favorite part of blogging.

I apologize if the translation was not well,

I do not speak English