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aka john coley boyd the third

  • I live in inside the tardis
  • I was born on August 17
  • My occupation is Time traveler
  • I am male
  • ChUcK NoRrIs
    • we open to a battle with gigantic mecha battling in space above earth

    General:battalion one!focus your fire on the enemy ship! Battalions two to ten, cover battalion one! Now where the hell is our special agent!

    Micheal-108:here! I am ready to pilot sir.

    General:get in your mecha now!

    Micheal:yes sir!

    • he runs to the mecha room and enters his ace custom mecha and enters the fray when a ship next to him blows up sending him and his mecha falling to earth

    Micheal:SON OF A BITCH!

    • cut to the candy kingdom,specifically just out side The castle

    Finn:I wonder where everyone is?

    • he opens the castle door and a bunch of candy people Say surprise

    Jake:happy 18th Finn!

    Finn:wow!this is mathmatical!

    Jake:Finn, do you wanna have your party then presents or presents …

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  • ChUcK NoRrIs

    Adventure mecha

    September 12, 2014 by ChUcK NoRrIs

    In essence, what if adventure time had humongous currently in the planning stages and not sure if to go in the style of real robot(where mecha are treated more as weapons of war. Example:mobile suit gundam is the oldest one I could think of) or super robot(mecha as super heroes. Example: TEGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN) tell me what you think of this idea, and in the comments tell me if you think it should be real robot or super robot.

    I have decided. Super robot with dash of real robot

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  • ChUcK NoRrIs

    I hate her. She is a weak charater. She had a stereotypical angry teenager personality for the first two episodes then she had an entirely new one.and Finn and her were dating by her third episode. They didn't show anything between hot to the touch and burning low to explain this.that and she is a marry sue.she has extreme powers,the main protagonist loved her at first sight, her only flaw is one Finn finds cute(her anger).and jake had a different out look to her by her third episodes.he thought she was evil but in burning low he liked her? What the hell rebbeca and Adam.yall invented the weakest love interest I can think of.

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  • ChUcK NoRrIs

    total drama shut up

    September 24, 2012 by ChUcK NoRrIs

    People.complaing about the drama on this wiki justshut up.if someone.has a profile then they are supposed to be thirteen and adolecwnt kids are dramatic and. Make blogs to be dramatici am not trying to be dramatic I am just trying to get people to be quiet about it

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    Party here tomarrow:

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