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Adventure mecha episode 1: the man from the stars! Finn is given a mecha!

  • we open to a battle with gigantic mecha battling in space above earth

General:battalion one!focus your fire on the enemy ship! Battalions two to ten, cover battalion one! Now where the hell is our special agent!

Micheal-108:here! I am ready to pilot sir.

General:get in your mecha now!

Micheal:yes sir!

  • he runs to the mecha room and enters his ace custom mecha and enters the fray when a ship next to him blows up sending him and his mecha falling to earth


  • cut to the candy kingdom,specifically just out side The castle

Finn:I wonder where everyone is?

  • he opens the castle door and a bunch of candy people Say surprise

Jake:happy 18th Finn!

Finn:wow!this is mathmatical!

Jake:Finn, do you wanna have your party then presents or presents then your party

Finn:ooh presents! Presents!

Jake: close your eyes and go to the city square!

  • finn closes his eyes and everyone goes to the city square and pull a giant cloth off a Finn statue.he opens his eyes

Finn:now this is mathematical!

  • the mecha lands on the statue

(now this episode is isn't sorry if they seem a little out of character. I'm a bit rusty at writing and I haven't seen adventure time since it switched to Thursday but I'm catching up.)

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