Chase McFly

aka Master of Ping

  • I live in Most of my favorite shows are set in California or New York, but I'm CST
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Time-traveler, superhero, adventurer, writer (maybe just the last two :p)
  • I am A Skoliver For Life
  • Chase McFly

    Maybe somebody reverses the crown's magic so that Ice King graduallly reverts back to his past self, allowing him to live another 1000 years.

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  • Chase McFly

    My Dream

    August 5, 2017 by Chase McFly

    In my dream last night, Magic Man killed Betty. I hope that doesn't happen on the actual show.

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  • Chase McFly

    Series Finale Ideas

    February 11, 2017 by Chase McFly

    1. The remaing humans return to Ooo and repopulate the Earth.

    2. Mutations caused by the war are erased.

    3.Simon is cured, but allowed to live.

    4. Sweet P goes back to the Lich and an epic battle results,

    5. Finn finds true happiness with a girl for once.

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  • Chase McFly

    Min and Marty Theory

    December 28, 2016 by Chase McFly

    I think this episode, Susan's shocking revelation will be that she knew Finn's parents, and she'll tell Finn about her adventures with them. Min must be Finn's mom's name.What do you think?

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  • Chase McFly

    Normal Man

    January 18, 2016 by Chase McFly

    This episode is obviously about Magic Man. who else agrees, and what  do you think happens in it?

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