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aka Alma

  • I live in Gollumbine
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is Literal Hobbitry
  • I am NY Nibba
  • ChilledEnderman

    If you saw the episode Lady and Peebles you know that in the end Lady says "Im pregnant!" Jake replied "Im puppies?!" which i have no idea what that meant.I though "Hmm maybe Jake went to the "ghastly horrifying" Tier 15 (insert dramatic pause music here)And jake told finn to stay away from that.Maybe blinded by romance he went to the "ghaslty horrifying" Tier 15 (dont insert music here)I was thniking before i thought of the tier 15 "hmm what caused Lady to be pregnant? hmmmm (ten years later) hmmmm. ! i know! The "Ghastly Horrifying" Tier 15" I was suprised of this since i had no idea.

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  • ChilledEnderman

    I am going to test this so dont comment on this only i will see if i can comment on this then i can make another one and you guys can comment

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