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  • Chopsticks12

    A little help?

    June 30, 2016 by Chopsticks12

    (Forget this blog post was ever made). 

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  • Chopsticks12


    May 19, 2016 by Chopsticks12

    Help. I need serious help!!! Both my friends have had a giant fight and I don't know how to stop it this time. Please help. Leave me good ideas at the comments for this blog or at my message wall. Yours, Chopsticks12 

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  • Chopsticks12

    How days go by

    May 10, 2016 by Chopsticks12

    Well adventure time sure is a popular show and it will possibly be even better in the future and season eight sounds so good. Maybe everyone will be entertained. lol!

    Signed Chopsticks12 

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  • Chopsticks12

    I was reading this article a few days ago on another website and said that adventure time season 8 will solve all the mysteries to season 7 but we don't even know the mysteries!!! Well, apart from finn sword and grass sword in "I Am a Sword" and the princesses in "Elemental" but what else!?!

    Yours, Chopsticks12 

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  • Chopsticks12

    Wikia is a great way to share knowledge about different things but the thing that really bugs me is the behaviour on the chat. It is so ridiculous that we need chat moderators. If you do tend to be on the chat at anytime please keep your language appropriate because it's against the rules if you don't. Users have also been saying that the chat is social media. Well let me tell you now it's not.

    Thanks, Chopsticks12 

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