Hey guys, I am back and want to tell you about AT (Adventure Time) its self so get comfortable and prepare for some awesome info!!!


Well what do you know it's over half way through season 7 with episodes coming out every Saturday and if you guys want to see them and you don't live in America them you can watch them online!!! The website I use is called "" which is pretty cool. 

Comic cons and events including AT

At some comic cons you might see some cool Adventure time things or some cool Adventure Time people such as "Tom Kenny". I remember that he was signing pop vinyl figures of ice king at some event similar to a comic con. That another thing comic cons do a lot of selling toys such as pop vinyl figures.

Adventure Time!!!

Well it has almost come to a end guys but before all that I would have to tell you this when your editing; Never give up! Even at the harshest of times there always a way!

Happy editing, Chopsticks12