This wiki has a lot of users always wishing and wishing to be administrators, bureaucrats and wiki stars but what half of them don't realize is that you have to work for what you want. You can't just get it automatically. But the thing that goes around the community most is that you have to have over five hundred edits but that's just a really small part of becoming an admin or bureaucrat (I will come on to the wiki stars later). There is many more ways of becoming an admin or a crat but let me tell you right now you cannot become a bureaucrat without being an admin first. To become an admin do not ask just earn it. Work your hardest each day and be the most friendly and helpful person you can be to the community and you my friend will become ranked an admin in no time at all. Keep doing all those instructions and then you might become ranked as a crat. For some information about wiki stars visit

So Santa can I become an admin and a crat with an exclusive Xbox 2 now for writing this blog?

Signed, Chopsticks12