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  • Chuua

    Some Workarounds

    August 12, 2014 by Chuua

    So I found a few workarounds to common issues. Let me give some instructions:

    Paste this code into your wikia.js (or if you'd like to use it globally, then your global.js):

    window.chatReloadTime = 30000;
    importScriptPage('ChatReload/code.js', 'dev');

    That's really all there is to this one--it should show up after clearing cache or even just immediately after installation. What it does is it will make the chat box (the thing you see to your right on the Special:WikiActivity page) refresh after a certain period of time.

    You can edit the amount of time by changing the interval, which uses milliseconds to keep track. So if you wish for it to refresh every twenty seconds, then change the interval to 20000

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This only works for Firefox us…

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