Uhm. Hey. I'm new, and i dunno if anybody reads these things, but I've got a suggestion.

So, I've noticed there's a lot of stub articles about characters only featured in one episode, and i was wondering if maybe itd be a good idea to delete some of the stub articles and add a new section in each episode article about them instead.

For example, there's a lot of characters in "His Hero," like the Old Lady and the Fine Lady, that I'm not so sure will make another appearance. So instead of giving them their own page, it would look something like this:

Supporting Characters

Old Lady

Finn saves the old lady from a monster through means of violence, blah blah blah.

She looks like blah blah and behaves like blah blah, voiced by blah blah.


Fine Lady

She asks Finn and Jake to fix her shoe while they're working at the cobbler shop, blah blah blah

She looks like blah blah, acts like blah blah, voiced by blah blah.



Blah blah blah,

blah blah


So on and so forth.

I think this would help give more substance to the episode articles, as well as eliminate the numerous character articles that are no more than a few lines long. Needless to say, characters like Finn and Jake and Billy would still have their own articles, and their links would be on the episode page as they are now.

So, i know I'm new at this, and this is just a suggestion, but i think it'll help make the wiki easier to navigate.

So, say what you'd like, any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you