After we got rid of trolls and got a more friendly community, I thought it was all over but all of a sudden, bronies are fighting over anti-bronies. I'm just saying: WHY? We are all human, but you aren't acting like it! Sure this wiki is meant for Adventure Time but people are just having pony PICTURES! Not making pages on ponies or anything! My pic is a Scientist singing the Trololo song! That has NOTHING to do with Adventure Time but you don't mind but however, you get completely angry at bronies! We are allowed to like different things! What surprises me more is no admins or buraeus aren't taking notice! And I am! A user who barely made any edits able to attempt stopping this before an admin! UNBELIVABLE. Why can't we all get along? Or if your an anti-brony, ignore the bronies! Isn't it easier and much better than fighting over one silly little thing! Just stop! Please!