Wiki Time! Come on, grab your friends! We'll go to very distant lands! Apple The Computer and Concernedalien11780 The Human, the fun will never end, Wiki Time! I was a fan of Adventure Time ever since it aired because of how I watched almost everything Cartoon Network majorly advertised at that time due to my Asperger's-induced introversion, which, while I still have, was much more severe back then. At least some of them were good like Adventure Time. My older sister and her then-best friend were much bigger fans of it than I was, though I still tried to watch it regularly.

Of course, I was sent to a theraputic boarding school in 9th and 10th grade to work out social issues I had, and obviously, you can't watch whatever you want whenever you want at a school like that where the lives of every student is heavily micro-managed. Some staff members tried to condition students to be more adverse to programs that appeared to be more for kids than adults on the surface due to the school's need to prepare teenage boys for adulthood (though they also checked all objects owned by students to make sure that they weren't inappropriate for a school environment, which I find to be unhealthy for people going through puberty) and because of their lack of awareness and refusal to acknowledge the rise of adults liking things that appeared to be for kids because of how those communities appears to be nothing but examples of Internet nonsense if you're unfamiliar with them.

However, I left in 2013, and when I returned to the real world that treats teenage boys like humans rather than props, I struggled to get back into Adventure Time, even when enjoying some similar shows. Maybe it was because I was more interested in South Park than anything else in 2013-14, maybe I was put off by how many episodes were resembling bad drug trips more than cartoons meant to tell stories, especially in that episode where clown nurses were licking Finn and Jake's feet, or maybe I was just feeling weird about it after what happened with the show at that school. No matter what happened, I just didn't feel right like I used to watching the show. It wasn't until I learned of the show's bolder storylines, such as the implication that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline were ex-lovers rather than just friends, the friendship between Ice King and Marceline that lasted almost a thousand years, and making multiple episodes embracing Rule 63 by gender-swapping everyone, along with the large amount of celebrity guest stars, many of which give the show a quasi-progressive agenda simply by having them on (which I'm perfectly fine with as long as those people and the writers don't act too smug about what they feel is right for others) that I felt compelled to watch the show again.

While not my favorite show, as I'm occasionally bothered by the extended scenes that make the show look like a gateway drug to LSD (or make LSD look like a gateway drug to the Land of Ooo, if you believe Mad Magazine), I find the lives of Finn and Jake to be cute, quirky, whimsical, occasionally witty, and even touching and bold at times nonetheless. And if I were to write Adventure Time fanfiction, I'd make them about Marceline and a fictional son for the Ice King, Ice Prince, and their relationship in the early days of the Land of Ooo (if there is an Ice Prince in-canon or in a very popular fanfiction that takes a different path than being Marceline's first boyfriend, tell me so that I know to do something different).

Adventure Time should serve as a reminder to not become a cynic even in the worst of situations (the quasi-liberal-progressives I mentioned above are cynical at times and often do focus on the bad when it's not necessary when speaking to their adult fans, but not cynics because they still live with both hope for the future and appreciate the good in the past, present, and future, so it's not too hypocritical for Adventure Time to teach kids and kidults anti-cynicism). As I always do when I talk about controversial things, especially things that involve mention of cynicism, liberalism, progressivism, drugs, same-sex relationships, characters that are LGBT in canon having a straight relationship in fanfiction, any Internet Rule, and the multiple contradicting definitions of all of these terms, I disabled comments so as to prevent flame wars and that the only person you get mad at is me. If you take issue with anything I said or just want to talk because you're nice and think I'm nice, please message me in the chat section of my userpage. Maybe we can meet over a bacon pancake breakfast. Later, dudes!