evil finn!


In adventure time everyone was in the candy kingdom having a party. When suddenly a dark cloud appears out of nowhere! Finn and jake get ready to destroy it but a bright lightning strikes them! They get knocked out! When they wake up they start fighting the candy people! Then in spongebob a black hole appears and another black cloud appears. It strikes bikini bottom with lightning! Everyone turns evil except for spongebob and patrick. The same happens in adventure time but EVERYONE TURNS EVIL! Spongebob and patrick run out of their homes and see what had happened. They run in terror into the black hole! Then the black hole closes. They appear out of the sky in thefinn and jake treehouse seeing it wrecked up. Spongebob: Where are we? Patrick: I don't know! Then they realize they are in land. They both look for water fast! Then they find it in finn and jake's refrigerator. They put it in a bowl and a fish bowl. Patrick and spongebob step out of the treehouse candy people attack them! But spongebob and patrick use their karate to fight them off! After a few hours while walking to the candy kingdom they realize where they are. They talk for awhile Spongebob: Patrick, Because of the creepy streamers and creepy destroyed posters that say "LAND OF OOO!" "ADVENTURE TIME UNIVERSE!" I think we're in the adventure time universe! Patrick: I think we should save this place spongebob. Spongebob: YES I KNOW PATRICK!! Patrick: I think we're supposed to save this place and bikini bottom by going to that really big light in the middle of this place. Spongebob: It looks like it's over there at an icy place. Patrick: Mhm. Spongebob: I see some LIVING CANDIES OVER THERE!! Patrick: *eating peppermint butler* huh? *peppermint butler runs away* OOH I SEE A ICECREAM *drooling*. Spongebob: There's no time to eat them though patrick! We need to save them! Patrick: OH NO LOOK OVER THERE! CANDY P-p-persons... yummy..... Spongebob: AAAH THEY'RE GOING TO ATTACK US! *candy people attack them*



evil squidward!