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simon and marcy episode secrets

Coolow3 March 27, 2013 User blog:Coolow3

Today I am writing about the secrets and hidden details in the new simon and marcy episode of adventue time. The first obvious detail is it is based near/in an urban area. the second thing i noticed is that when marcy was looking in the mail box there was a post card with a picture of a nuke on it. another thing was that when marcy was in the car in the park/woods there was a soup container withe chinese/japenese/korean writing on it. later in the episode there is a town filled with bubblegum which could be the location of the candy kingdom. soon after that there is a scene where simon and marcy are running to an ally, but in the background first you can see a tank and then you can see a military vehicle with i think is a korean flag (i'm not sure what exact flag it is). then at the end you see bubblegum that has a face in it which could be an early candy person. These aren't all the things in the episode just the things that I have seen.

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