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  • Craft3dc00kie

    Okay, I need to say something I didn't find out until recently about the last blog post. I'll say this right off the bat: this is deeply personal. Meaning it's not AT related at all, and this is still news to me, in a way. Just a fair disclaimer.

    Remember how I said I felt depressed about Sek breaking up with me? Those constant nights of me wallowing in self-pity?

    Well, I found out after an event I wish not to mention that happened this past Friday, I do, in fact, have depression. And yes, the feeling I felt on those nights was the same way I felt on Friday. And the past blog I made and the comments made on it did, in fact, amplify that feeling.

    That is all.

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  • Craft3dc00kie

    Yeah, I'm not going to be back forever. I'll just check in periododically here every so often.

    But there's a few issues I have to get out of the way first.

    The first of which being that this website left a pretty big scar on my life.

    I don't know how exactly, but almost 5-7 days threw it into utter turmoil almost a year later. Those 5-7 days was when Sekeid'ah-UuaDliles were "dating."

    Let me start by saying I checked this wiki so often before I signed up, I became engrossed by it. And one day, the chat caught my eye. I tried to join, but had to make an account first. When I did, I found about 20 people online at almost 11 P.M. EST. 2 of those people were waiting for a guy, who one of them- Sek- was dating. Somehow, we bonded over a couple priv…

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  • Craft3dc00kie
    Hey, guys! In case you can't tell from the title, I'm making an Adventure Time fanfic featuring the Lich! However, it's not like: Oh, Lich rises, F+J beat him, teh end. NO. FORGET THAT PLOT. THAT'S STUPID.? Instead, the Lich will rise again, sometime between Mortal Recoil and The Lich, and Finn and Jake are unprepared. The Lich ends up getting Gunther to break the Gumball Guardian's heads, therefore allowing the Lich into the Candy Kingdom. In the end, the Lich will destroy the kingdoms of Ooo, with a select few to rule over. Can anyone come up with any ideas for in between there events? If so, thank you, if not, FUDGE YOU(lol not really).
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