Okay, these are just my opinions. You can agree or disagree, but please no hate.

10. Wake Up                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

I love Prismo, and it was sad to see him go. Wake Up is funny, deep, and gives some insight into Finn's past. I think it was the perfect way to introduce us to Finn's dad.

9. Burning Low

This one included my two favorite characters, Princess Bubblegum and Flame Princess. I was entertained by Jake's semi-sexual references. It really showed how Flame Princess and Finn were in love.

8. Hot To The Touch

Hot To The Touch introduces us to Flame Princess. Finn finally stops moping about PB. I was glad that he finally had a relationship that wouldn't destroy the show.

7. No One Can Hear You

No One Can Hear You was super creepy. I loved it. Enough said.

6. It Came From The Nightosphere

I thought that It Came From The Nightosphere was interesting. It showed that Marceline, a seemingly badass vampire, actually has daddy issues. Also, the Fry Song was funny.

5. Too Young

I actually liked Lemongrab (as a character) before he became a psycho jerk. I wish Adventure Time hadn't turned him into a bad guy.

4. Thank You

Thank You was really touching, especially for a goofy cartoon. I'm not sure whether or not I liked the side story with the sandwiches.

3. I Remember You

I loved this episode so much. It was really sweet, and funny at the same time.

2. What Was Missing

From the perspective of a Bubbline shipper, I loved this. From the perspective of an Adventure Time fan, I loved this. I just loved this.

1. Princess Cookie

Where do I begin with this episode. It was touching, hilarious, and altogether amazing. It sometimes makes me cry, and it is one of the only episodes it does.

Episodes That Almost Made The List

  • Evicted
  • Mortal Folly
  • To Cut A Woman's Hair
  • Memory Of A Memory
  • BMO Noire
  • Card Wars
  • Son Of Mars
  • Goliad
  • Simon And Marcy
  • All The Little People
  • Escape From The Citadel

Remember, these are entirely my opinions!