1. What shouls Lady and Jake's children be called?: Creativity wanted! Don't even think about Tier 15!

2. Doesn't PB look weird in her jammies?

3. Any suggestions on which episode Lady would go into labor and the pups would be revealed to the audience?

4. Will Finn and FP ever come face-to-face and <3 KISS again? (I don't wan't his bloopin' face burnt off...)

5. Will Rainicorn have a baby bump? If so, what would it look like?

6. Uncle Finn and Godmother Bubblegum: Does that have a ring to it?

7. Will Ricardio come back for revenge? If so, is it with a bigger tactic?

8. Who would you find easiest to draw?

a) Finn <3 b) Bubblegum c) FP D) Jake

9. Will Finn be 16 in Season 6?

10. Will he be mature enough for Tier 15? =^.^=


Post your answers on my talk page or below!

-Crazykittystar =^.^=