• Daihasku

    Religion in Ooo

    December 4, 2011 by Daihasku

    So there is in fact some old remains of religions in the Land of Ooo. Maybe from before the Mushroom War?

    Evidence: 's house]]

    wearing Jewish clothes]]

    Natasha confirmed that it was Baby Jesus by the way, in Marceline's house, and Mr. Muto confirmed Jake was wearing a yarmulke. Oh and didn't the candy people go to the church to worship "Glob", and LSP says "Oh my Glob" quite a lot.

    So now I wonder, does Marceline only have that painting because she likes to look at it, or is she actually religious? And is Jake really Jewish or does he just dig the style? :P

    Of course, Glob can also be the Cosmic Owl or some other new deity that is important to the Candy People and the other characters.

    So, what do you guys think?

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  • Daihasku

    Message to all the vandals

    December 3, 2011 by Daihasku

    Okay, let me make this very, very clear.
    I hate vandals. Vandals = crap, no question.

    I am going to tell you something: you are a vandal. Fact. Period. Now take in mind:

    1. Nobody likes vandals
    2. Nobody respects vandals
    3. Vandals annoy everyone
    4. Vandals are worthless
    5. Vandals are retards
    6. Vandals have an IQ lower then a monkey's

    So, there you go. That's how everyone feels about vandals. That's how we feel about you. Now piss off and die, scum.

    PS: You gotta ask yourself do you feel lucky? Do you, punk?
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