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aka Daniil Edomanov Chanesvych

  • I live in Dimension 4.99 Cloud 9
  • My occupation is Director of the Dimension Panorealm Documentation Program
  • I am Male
  • DanChan123

    This blogpost is dedicated to my latest hand-drawn, for-fun, non-profit, co-created comic series, Wonderworld. Set in the distant future where civilization is made up many interesting creatures, magic has leaked into the land, and the past is forgotten, and history is a giant misconception. The series commonly follows the adventures of a pair of human fraternal twins and their older brother, a winged anthropomorphic pig who wishes to learn to fly with them, a non-talking but rather intelligent little dog, and an Multi-Personality Disorder-diagnosed little magical elf. However it also includes one-shots of the magical little elf, as well as 3 misadventurous hungry goblins (one is blind, one cannot talk, and one is deaf). Enjoy!

    NOTE: I may u…

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