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    Hey Guys and Gals. Are you missing episodes of Adventure Time? Well i found this awesome website called where you can watch it free without a tv account! You can also watch other shows, like:

    • Regular Show
    • Amazing World of Gumball
    • Legends of Korra
    • Young Justice
    • The Amazing Spiderman (animated series)
    • Pokemon: Black & White

    and alot more!​

    Just click here. Master Toons Free Online Cartoons. Or go to

    DanChan the Adventure Time Fan (talk) 04:53, August 11, 2012 (UTC)DanChan

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  • DanChan the Adventure Time Fan

    The Mushroom War has happened in the the future, and here's how i layed it out:

    The Mushroom War began with a world-threatening communist dictatorship from the future Soviet Russia. Similar to the reign of Adolf Hitler, Russia was rallied into an idea to take over the world. Bombing raids were scattered all over Eurasia. Many smaller countries were in confusion and inmatched decision against these unexplained attacks. Russians probably used high technology artillery alien to us, maybe like the UFOs from the Rainicorn-Dog Wars.

    Later, when America joined the war, the tension was starting. Before it was called the Mushroom War, the war was probably called World War III or something. Though because the Russian "hitler" was restless, a primary w…

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  • DanChan the Adventure Time Fan

    Hey Everybods, on this awesome wiki. I'm a wikia contributor and theory cleric on the hit show, Adventure time. Please post your comments and adventure time theory portals on this blog! I need some ideas reaching out from you guys and gals out there!

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