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So from what I have seen in the trailer is seems like we're going to see more of the apocalyptic part of Ooo, something which I really like. And we are also going to see the Candy Mutants again, I know they are Ooze Monsters but I prefer to call them Candy Mutants.

The only thing which I don't like for this episode is James. I mean he is a candy person who is similar to Cinnamon Bun. I like Cinnamon Bun very much and probably will like James too, but I think it isn't necessary to add a new character while CB can fill that role (unless he's still at the Fire Kingdom, which does make it more complicated). And I think another name also would've been better since we also already got James Baxter. I would've like something like Cracker better, because it seems like he is on crack.

However, what kind of surprises do you think we'll be getting this episode. Let's speculate a bit!

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