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aka Nepeta Leijon

  • I live in LIMBO! EVERYONE LIMBO!!!!!
  • I was born on February 12
  • My occupation is soon-to-be famous manga writer
  • I am most likely breaking down every minute from lonelyness and no attention
  • Darth LeatherTouche


    December 18, 2013 by Darth LeatherTouche

    Hello, I am someone probably most of you don't remember. but I used to be on this wiki and I've been known by many names those being: Annag26, Anna the AT Sonic Anime fan and Fionna the human girl. Anyway I decided to join back and I just wanted to say hi.... Hi :3 I missed you all ;n;

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  • Darth LeatherTouche


    September 26, 2012 by Darth LeatherTouche

    I'm leaving the AT wiki... lol most people probably don't know me because the time I be here shortens everyday so bye everyone and I'll miss you and this wiki.

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  • Darth LeatherTouche


    September 26, 2012 by Darth LeatherTouche

    Me and FinnsPrincess were talking on deviantart and I we decided there should be a deviantart group about the corndogs! a while later I made one and here it is! :D its still getting done and the Founder is me. I'm curently doing points comissions to make it a super group, anyone can join! :D

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  • Darth LeatherTouche

    I'm going to make a fanfic and the fanfic was going to be a bit like adventure time but it was going to have different users representing each character.Ask if you want a part and its kinda like a first come first served.

    Finn =

    FP= Anna the AT sonic anime fan




    Ice King= Dmeans

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  • Darth LeatherTouche

    I made a fanfiction for the season Finale and I know it probably would be hated by some people but I don't care and I know it will never happen.I'll add a new scene everyday.I also need to go on google translate for what lady rainicorn is saying.

    Finn was on a date with Flame Princess,they were watching the stars,hugging.Finn's phone started ringing,he said "One min FP Jakes calling",Finn answered the phone."HEY BRO" said Jake on the phone, "Hows your date going",Finn replied "its going good I've gone up by 2 tiers", Jake then shouted "JUST STAY AWAY FROM TIER 15". Finn then heard Jake screaming on the phone he told Flame Princess he has to go to check on Jake,he then ran to the tree fort.He opened the door slowly.

    Finn ran into the living r…

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