Anyone who goes on chat and wants to be in my chatland pic just ask, I will then post the pic and update it each time



sorry if u can see me in the background.

Here is what everyone says:

Blaughum:hey guys

Finnthehumanboy:Hey blaug

Lolli:I got money Hey Demon (starts argueing with demon)

Demon:shut it lolli

Sparda:stop fighting

Adventure king: whats happening

Marshall lee vampire king:why is everyone fighting.

Katari:I'm up high

Alice the wiz:Katari thats unfair

Cobmaw:I'm a artist

Fionna the human:I'm a artist too

VQO:I have the ban hammer

FPF:me too

soccerissocool:this is so cool

Who is who

Stickman with troll face = lolli

blaughum = blaughum


marceline = VQO

Blackbird = sparda

Katari = Katari

wierd dinosaur thing = cobmaw

Adventure king = Adventure king

Shadow demon = demon

Fionna = Fionnathehuman

Finn = Finnthehumanboy

Stiched up cat = Alice the wiz

Marshall lee = marshall lee vampire king

LSP = soccerissocool