So Fionna and Cake

Set out to find a new home.


it's gonna be tough

For a kid and a cat on their own

Heres a little house,

aww fionna's sticking' her foot in

well thats a bad idea gal cause now that bird thinks your a jerk,fionna!

and now their chillin on the side of a hill!

and thinkin' livin' in a cloud'd be totally thrillin'

Unless they find something inside

like a mean cloud man and his beautiful cloud bride

a beehive, oh nooo-ooo-ooo!

Dont put your foot in there gal

y'all tried that before,

and you know that didn't turn out right

big shell go inside

look around,it seems alright

Frog jumps out

and barfs a tiger

throwing down potions for food and fiiiiire

you know you should have stayed

and fought that handsome vampire dude

cake was feeling terrified

she was super scared of his vampire bite

which is understandable

cause vampires are very powerful

they're unreasonable

and burnt out dealing with morrtals

oh marshall lee

why are you so mean

Marshall lee:

I'm not mean

I'm 1000 years old

and I just lost track of my moral code

singer:oh marshall lee cant you see these girls are in pain

Marshall lee:

No I cant

I'm invested in this ace video game

singer:so there go our girls

walking on the icy ground

heading towards their destiny

I'm sure they'll figure something out