I made a fanfiction for the season Finale and I know it probably would be hated by some people but I don't care and I know it will never happen.I'll add a new scene everyday.I also need to go on google translate for what lady rainicorn is saying.

Chapter 1- Finns Date

Finn was on a date with Flame Princess,they were watching the stars,hugging.Finn's phone started ringing,he said "One min FP Jakes calling",Finn answered the phone."HEY BRO" said Jake on the phone, "Hows your date going",Finn replied "its going good I've gone up by 2 tiers", Jake then shouted "JUST STAY AWAY FROM TIER 15". Finn then heard Jake screaming on the phone he told Flame Princess he has to go to check on Jake,he then ran to the tree fort.He opened the door slowly.

Chapter 2- Party Plan

Finn ran into the living room and saw Jake sitting on the sofa,texting.Jake then said "Hi Finn,why are you back from the date early",Finn replied "I heard you scream" Jake the answered "oh thats because Lady Rainicorn and I were planning... we were planning nothing! go back to your date".Finn then walked out the room and Jake said "Lady you can come out now",Lady Rainicorn emerged from the closet saying "나는 공기가 부족하는 줄 알았는데 (I thought I was going to run out of air)",Jake said "sorry babe, Finn can't know about the party",Lady Rainicorn replied "나는 공기가 부족하는 줄 알았는데 (Its okay honey I know Finn can't know about the party)". Beemo walked in the room and said "Jake would you ike to help with decorating the cake", Jake replied "Okay Beemo we need the cake to be perfect,Lady could you make the invitations",Jake then walked out the room.Lady rainicorn started writing out the invitations, she wrote them to all the princesses and then the candy kingdom.