hey guys. i recently saw the comments that a wiki contributor (we'll call him wikiboy) was posting on topics such as homophobia. so heres my message to all of the homophobes out there that include wikiboy:

its things like this this that are corrupting the minds of todays society. the curch is releasing homophobia that is jumping onto todays media. they tell that homosexuality is a sin, a discrace, and so on. and these people take their lifes because they make them think that they are dirt. whats bad about being gay, or lesbian? they are normal people like you. gender is not a factor. they just want to be with someone, stay with each other through thick and thin, and be connected. yet the people believe that this is wrong. believe it or not, i was like you. hating gay people, being uncomfortable around them. but then people came along, and showed me that how were not so different. the reason that we support things like the Bubbline relationship is to get to the kids before the church does. to teach them that there not so different from us.

this isnt even about homophobia. its about the constant fighting and hating thats been going on here and throughout the world. and honestly, it brings a tear to my eye. i just hope that one day, people wont have to live in fear of bring picked on, or constantly being junged by the decisions you made, and to connect with each other and to evole to something greater. this may seem funny to some, so go ahead and laugh all you want. i dont care.

id like to give props to icanhazacheezeburger, who is now my hero. i would also like to give props to everyone who has made this website an awesome place to talk about the most bombastic cartoon of all time.

spiral out