So we all saw that at the end of the episode "Red Throne", Cinnamon Bun admited his love for Flame Princess. And Finn was jealous. However, it's unknown if Flame Princess has any feelings for Cinnamon Bun. It didn't seem like it, after CB said he loved FP, FP's response was "Thank you", and that was it. She didn't say "I love you too". Sometimes when girls say "Thank you" to a certain guy liking them, it sometimes means that they're flattered, but they don't think it would work out. And before CB said he loved her, he said he would be by her side as her white knight every step of the way. That most likely meant when he said he loved her, he just meant he was loyal and he wanted to protect her. And though Flame Princess said she no longer had any feelings for Finn, it will most likely either be revealed that she really does still have feelings for him or she will later on start to re-develop feelings for Finn somehow. And maybe, if FP gets back with Finn, they will have to introduce a new female character to the show for CB to fall in love with. And it's unknown where FP will live if she gets with Finn again. Will she stay in the Flame Kingdom or move back to her hut in the Grass Lands? If she moves back to her hut, they will have to find a new ruler who is just as strong as FP and who can make sure Flame King stays imprisoned in the lantern. But what do you think will happen? Do you think CB and FP will start dating and Finn will have to find a new love interest? Do you think FP and Finn will get back together and CB will have to find someone else? Do you think FP will go back to her hut or stay in the Flame Kingdom if she gets back with Finn? Do you think FP will keep being the Fire Queen or go back to being her old self before she started ruling the Kingdom? Do you want her to keep being the ruler or do you want her to go back to her hut in the Grass Lands? 

Comment on what you think is going to happen?