So we all know that in the episode "Red Throne", Cinnamon Bun revealed his feelings for Flame Princess. But a lot of us don't think he loves her in a romantic way. And we don't know if Flame Princess has any feelings for him or not. Just to me, I don't think this romantic pairing will happen for two reasons. The first reason is that Cinnamon Bun is 15 years older than Flame Princess so he's too old for her. And the second reason is that to me, CB is just not really FP's type, and according to the official Red Throne Wiki Article, it said that CB has a dutiful attraction towards FP, not a romantic attraction. She's a fire person and he's a Cinnamon Bun. I just don't see this romantic ship happening but if you do, say so in your comments. And you know something else, if CB might be dating Flame Princess, it could be a lead-up to FP getting back together with Finn. We saw that in "Too Old" we have Finn trying to get back to flirting with PB since FP dumped him. If Finn and FP were going to get back together, they could first make an episode where Flame Princess goes after another guy and makes Finn jealous. And since CB might be trying to go after FP and Finn was obviously jealous, it could be a lead-up to him and FP getting back together again. I think that when they broke Finn and FP up, they just did it so they could experiment with Finn's relationships and just take some time off with Finn and FP. They could also develop the two as individual characters and when they've developed them enough, they could make an episode where they get back together. Plus, I've seen lots of couples break up, flirt with other people while they're broken up, and then get back together later. 

I think the "CB X FP" couple could be a lead-up to FP getting back together with Finn, but whether or not you also think that, tell me what you think in your comments below. Anything is possible in Adventure Time.