I was sitting at home and I suddenly came up with a fantastic new idea for an AT episode. The episode is about Finn traveling back in time back to the day of his break-up with Flame Princess to make sure that the break-up never happens. So basically, Finn goes back in time and warns his past self not to cause any sort of fight between Ice King and Flame Princess because of all the destruction and heartbreak the fight could cause. So Past Finn doesn't cause any fights between FP and IK. After that, Finn goes back to his own time and finds that the warning he gave to his past self changed the Present for the better. The Ice Kingdom is perfectly OK and Finn is once again dating Flame Princess. If the Adventure Time Crew made an episode like this, the FinnXFP shippers would still watch the show, and people would no longer hate Cinnamon Bun for stealing Flame Princess from Finn. If you liked or disliked this idea I came up with, leave your comments below. And all you FinnXFP shippers just shout this out "FINN & FP TOGETHER 4 EVER!" 

P.S. The name of this episode I came up with is called "Flame Time".