So we all know CB said he loved FP at the end of the "Red Throne" episode. But I was reading the official Wiki Article about it and it said the love between CB and FP is purley a platonic love, which means it's not romantic. So there is still a chance of Finn and FP getting back together. And we also know that FP stated she no longer had feelings for Finn. I think it's because he was acting very immature. And Finn just needs to mature some more if he's going to get back with FP. But what do you think, do you think Finn will ever get back with FP? Do you think he'll start to go after Bubblegum? Do you think he'll go after Marceline? Or do you think he'll connect with an entirely new girl? Or Do you think Finn will just stay single for the rest of the series? And do you think CB and FP's love will stay platonic? Also, why do you think FP isn't into Finn anymore? And do you think she could start to be interested in him again?

Comment on what you think below.