So we all know that the 5th Season of Adventure Time has ended. So that means the first Season 6 episode will air very soon. There are so many possibilities for this new season. We could see more episodes involving the relationship between Jake and Lady Rainicorn. We could see where Marceline and Princess Bubblegum's friendly rivalry goes, and we could see whether or not Finn's relationship with Flame Princess gets repaired. And I have a theory that the writers might make a Season 7 after this season ends. In fact, in the first episode of Season 6, we'll get to meet Finn's long-lost father! 3 episodes of Season 6 have already been announced and are yet to be aired. Maybe more new characters can be introduced in Season 6. If we're going to get to meet Finn's father, maybe they could also make an episode where we meet either Finn's mother or FP's mother. And we also found out that PB is not really 19, but she is in fact 827 years old, so maybe we could see where that goes and how many more people will find out. 

But what do you think? Comment below on what you think will happen in Season 6.