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    You guys BI

    July 2, 2013 by DerpyHoovesFIOLEE

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS?! I had a picture on here THAT I NEEDED, and ya'll deleted it BI how could you guys? Ya'll probably deleted because "Oh she won't use it, so let's just delete it." NO. JUST NO. I NEEDED THAT!!! I get on here all the time, you know? I just want to hit some of you. Sorry for beingso absurd, but seriously. You NEVER KNOW WHAT SOMEONE MIGHT NEED. Guess who's banned? It's you!'

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  • DerpyHoovesFIOLEE

    Hey hey hey, i'm leaving the wiki (sort of!) I haven't been on the wiki lately, and now I seek no reason to be on here anymore except gathering intel. I hope I cross paths with some of you one day soon, but until now.... SEE YA!

    Guess who's banned? It's you!' 21:53, March 16, 2013 (UTC)     MAYA IS BEST SIREN BTW 

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  • DerpyHoovesFIOLEE

    Rate me plz :'D

    December 25, 2012 by DerpyHoovesFIOLEE
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  • DerpyHoovesFIOLEE

    Marshall Lee fanfic

    December 23, 2012 by DerpyHoovesFIOLEE

    Chapter 1
    I was invited to Prince Gumabll's ball at 7, so I knew I couldn't be late! And besides, I had special feelings for this guy... Feelings that I didn't understand. Not yet, atleast.
    Cake acted as she always does. "You need to look smoking, baby!," Cake joyfully announced, as if she was telling the world. She pulled out her brown briefcase from underneath the table.
    "What are you doing, exactly?," I asked couriously. She lowered her eyebrows, and made a dirty look at me. "Was it something I said?" I never wanted Cake to be mad at me.
    "I'm makin you a dress, suga.," she replied.
    I'm not the one who should be wearing a dress. In fact, i've never even wore a dress.
    Meanwhile when the dress was done and I had put it on, Cake …

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  • DerpyHoovesFIOLEE

    Um... I was thinking about changng my username back to FionnaTheHumanFIOLEE... Honest opinion!!! Should I?

    Girl, please! I'm fabulous! 00:26, December 20, 2012 (UTC)

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