Chapter 1
I was invited to Prince Gumabll's ball at 7, so I knew I couldn't be late! And besides, I had special feelings for this guy... Feelings that I didn't understand. Not yet, atleast.
Cake acted as she always does. "You need to look smoking, baby!," Cake joyfully announced, as if she was telling the world. She pulled out her brown briefcase from underneath the table.
"What are you doing, exactly?," I asked couriously. She lowered her eyebrows, and made a dirty look at me. "Was it something I said?" I never wanted Cake to be mad at me.
"I'm makin you a dress, suga.," she replied.
I'm not the one who should be wearing a dress. In fact, i've never even wore a dress.
Meanwhile when the dress was done and I had put it on, Cake and I went to PG's ball. I pulled the curtain and looked around. Marshall Lee floated past me. He saw me, and gave me the devil horns. That guy... I turned and PG was in the direction I was facing towards. He turned and caught a glimpse of me. Startled, I walked outside.
Chapter 2
Prince Gumball/Ice Queen

I caught sight of Fionna, but she walked outside. I walked towards her direction waiting to greet her. My plan was working.
;I took her hand just to make this all seem real, and she believed it. I knew how Cake felt. She thought that my future husband was the perfect guy for Fionna. Well, she's wrong so get over it!
I took her up to Gummy's room, and locked the door when we got in. She was very flustered. She turned around with a confused look on her face, when I began taking the costume off. After that, I engaged in battle...
Chapter 3:
NOTE:This fanfiction is based on "If the Ice King didn't make this up." Everything is real. The upcoming chapters are after the Ice Queen pretends to be Prince Gumball. In this chapter Fionna goes on a date with Prince Gumball.
After I has beaten up the Ice Queen, Prince Gumball asked me out on a date. I blushed. "You. Want to. Go on. A date. With. Me?" I was shaking, and my big, blue eyes were staring into his. I felt some epic love there.
"Now how could I resist you, my lovely Fionna?" He was smiling with love and plead in his voice. I never knew he had feelings for me... Especially that kind of feeling. "Sure, dude.," I agreed. "Great! Meet me in the Red Roses field at two, tomorrow!," he happily ;I knew I was ready.
Chapter 4
When Cake and I was back at the treehouse, I took the torn dress off and changed into my pajamas. I got into bed, and tried to sleep. I heard an owl, or what I thought it was. It was Marshall Lee. I knew I was safe if he was here. With me... He makes me feel so... Wierd. Do I lo-lov- like him? No! What am I saying?! Let's try to get some sleep.
I was dozing off, still asleep at 1 o'clock. "Wake up, Fi!," Cake commandingly shouted. I propped myself on my elbows, and looked at the clock. Holy cow! It was 1 o'clock! I didn't need to dress fancy for me and PG's date. He accepts me anyway I am.
I was dashing through bushes and stuff until I reached Red Rose's field. It was 1:55. I was behind a tree, when I saw PG setting up an umbrella and a picnic near a rose bush. I walked towards him without getting stabbed by a thorn bush.
"Hellooooooo Fionna!" He waved his hand side to side. I blushed, and sat down on the blanket. I saw that he had brought one of his science projects. "So, what's that?," I asked. "Oh! That's a surprise, my dear!," he grinned. I could tell that the day was about to get better!
We both reached for the same sandwich. Our hands were touching. I smiled and tore it into two. We nibbled it away. When we was done, he started to explain about the special thing.
"This is a Rainbow-izationator!," PG explained. "It makes anything flash every color!" "Can you test it?," I asked full of excitement. "Why of course!," he started to test it.
He poured the potion onto a rose, and it started flashing colors! He picked it. "This is for you, Fionna... Because... I like you... Alot..." I was blushing so hard that anyone could mistake me for a chili pepper.
Chapter 5
Fionna had just gotten back from her date with Prince Gumball. "How was it?," I asked. "It was so romantic! He gave me a rainbow rose!," Fionna screamed. I knew he was the perfect guy for her!
"Are you his girlfriend?," I asked. "Well, not really.," Fionna shrugged. You can't go on a date with some guy and NOT be his girlfriend! It just doesn't work that way in my world!
"I'm going somewhere.," Fionna said. "Where? Why are you not with your boyfriend?," I questioned Fionna. "I told you, he is not my boyfriend. I'm going to Marshall for some fun.," She walked out the door. She just got back! What's going on with her?! If she starts liking Marshall Lee, god help her, because I will kill.
Chapter 6
Marshall Lee

I was recording another jam session when someone knocked on the door. Who could it be at this time of day? I swung open the door, when Fionna was standing there on the welcome mat. I was expecting her. "Come on in, Fi.," I swayed my hand towards the couch waiting for her to go sit down.
"What's up?," I asked waiting for an answer. "I need... you do date me.," Fionna's eyes were bulging with plead. "What why?," I was blushing because I think I liked her. No! SHUT UP! STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF, YA WEENIE!
"PG asked me on a date. I think he like's me. If we "fake" date, he won't love me anymore! "Fionna," I said, "That's the most dumbest plan ever." "Well, do you have a better one?," She started to cross her arms. I was trying to think of a plan. I never could beat Fionna, when she said that. I got it! "Well, if you don't like Bubba then don't go out with him.," I felt marvelous. "Thanks Mar!," Fionna thankfully said.
Chapter 7

Marshall Lee helped me with my problem. Without even thinking I gave him a little kiss on the cheek. I was waving as I ran out his door. I knew he was still standing there, blushing.
I was back at the treehouse. I walked in, and Cake was staring at me with her eyebrows down and her hands on her hips. "What, did you run out of catnip?," I jokingly laughed and patted her back. "No. What did you do exactly at Marshall's?," she was trying to point out my imperfection. Oh fudge! Cake was onto me for what I did. I had a dirty little secret, and she didn't know! "So, what's your secret?," Cake demanded me to answer. "I! Uh...," I was hoping she would instantly forget about my secret! "I knew it! You kissed Prince Gumball!," she started to laugh hard. Whew! That was a close one! "You sounded like you was hiding something!," Cake started squealing again. At least she was making a joke.
Chapter 8
Prince Gumball

Ah! There's my favorite girl! "Peppermint Maid! Please meet Fionna at the gate and escort her into my lab!," I begged. "Yes my prince." She's so beautiful. I can't wait that oneday, she will be Princess Fionna! "Hey PG! What's up?," Fionna wabbled in. "The 100th aniversery of the Candy Kingdom is tomorrow. I was wondering if you'de be... my date?," I asked her with all the love in my heart. I heard her mumble something, but then her voice trailed off. "Yes, Fionna?" "I do.," she agreed as if we were getting married. That would be nice. "Thank you, Fionna! I will meet you tomorrow in my courtyard, ok?," I asked. "Ok," She agreed once more. I almost have her love.
Chapter 9
Marshall Lee

was bored that night, so I went to Fionna's window. I opened it just enough to get through. I floated to the side of her bed. She was fast asleep, moaning about something. I heard her say "PG! Don't punch Marshall! I like him, not you! Not... you... him.."
I never knew she liked me. I will always think of her. I will never speak or look at her the same way again... She's so beautiful when she sleeps. I feel like i'm all hers, and she's all mine. Maybe I should confess how I feel about her tomorrow...
Some kind of envelope was on her nightstand. I shouldn't be nosey, but it looked like it came from Prince Gumball. Well, it was pink. I picked it up, and I started to read it. "Hello Fionna! I cannot wait for our date tomorrow! You will be treated like my queen! It's the perfect day too! Maybe we can be more than friends. Anyways, I'll see you then, heroine!"
What!?!? Prince Gumball has a date with... FIONNA?! But she likes me! "You're jealous.," Cake said behind me. "I'm not JEALOUS!," I made a hissing face at her, but she wasn't scared.
"Honey! Calm down! I don't like you, but you can sleep in here for today. Tomorrow, tell her that you love her before it's too late! I didn't want to ruin it for Fionna, but Prince Gumball is going to ask her out tomorrow.," Cake informed me. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! "Thanks Cake!," I said. "No prob, hun.," she walked out of the room. I can't be a weenie anymore! I have to do this... Tomorrow...
Chapter 10
I arose around 11 o'clock. I glanced around my room, and he was there. Marshall Lee. "What are you doing here, Marshy?," I murmurred. "Fionna, I have something personal too tell you.," he looked down as if we was
What was he going to say? Something personal? Oh no... "I love you Fionna, and you can't go out with Gummybutt!," He pleaded. I always thought that he was the guy not to do that. He cares so much about me, enough to embaress himself.
"I don't like Prince Gumball. I may like him a little, but not as much as I like you! I don't even like the Flame Prince as much as you, either!," I said lovingly. He blushed so hard, his face was as purple as a grape.
"Then why don't you go to his party as... My girlfriend?," Marshall asked. "I will then, just to prove it. I'll even turn him down! Politely though!," I corrected myself. "Good.," he nodded.
We both got dressed, and headed to the party. "Hey Fionna! Why are you holding hands with Marshall Lee?," Prince Gumball was confused. "I'm sorry PG. I like Marshall.," I replied. "Oh! I see. Well, i'm happy for you too!," PG smiled and walked off. "I told you," I laughed smiling at Marshall.
Lumpy Space Prince was hiding behind a bush with his phone. I ignored him, but Marshall Lee didn't even see him. Marshall was looking off in the distance. I looked back, and I saw PG staring at us. He had an awful look on his face, as if he was... Jealous. I waved at him, then he brought a smile on his face and waved back. Marshall waved at him, and he had the bad look and just raised his hand 2 inches.
Marshall was up to something, and that's when... IT happened. I was looking at Prince Gumball. I turned around to look at Marshall, and he kissed me.
It happened so fast I didn't have time to blink. "Marshall!," I yelled. "Why did you do that?!," I demanded. He gave me a smirk. No. He was looking at PG. He wanted to make PG jealous.
PG got up, and started coming towards Marshall. Before Marshall could call him a nerd, he was on the ground. "Prince Gumball!," I shouted. "I'm sorry, Fionna.," PG said. "He's a jerk." "THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU PUNCH HIM!," I scolded PG. PG stared at me and then at Marshall. "I'm sorry if I ruined your date.," PG walked away with his head down in shame.
"Nerds gotta punch.," Marshall Lee said as he floated back up. "Let's go, Fi." "Ok..." Marshall and I went back to his house. "I guess it's hard for us to be together...," I said as I let out a tear. "Don't cry Fionna. I love you.," Marshall lifted my chin and gave me a peck on the cheek." It will all be good later." "I guess your right!," I said as I put on my shoes. "What are you doing?," asked Marshall. "Were going to chase some wolves!," I screamed as I lifted my sword. "What time is it?!," I shouted. "Uuumm. About 3:40.," Marshall implied. "No dummy! It's FioLee Time!," I screamed.


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