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Where was PB in "Little Dude"?

This came up on another forum, but I wanted it to be it's own topic.

Where was PB?

Within the story, she could have been doing anything. But I mean from a production stand point. Why didn't the writers bring out PB in the same episode we get a clearer perspective of the Magi? I think there's something there. Lifegiver meeting lifegiver.

Also, a large portion of the shows either directly or indirectly connect back to this new character. I have a feeling that he's going to play a hand in the finale, as he seems to be creating a story arc. 

But thoughts? Does this character tie into PB? Maybe this character is the answer to the existence of the candy people. I was more inclined to believe that she was a mutant rather being manufactured (Jake mentioned it in one of the video games), but this could definitely change that.

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