Ok, on the Fionna and Cake thing, There was this reference that was seriously incorrect and it was like that for the longest time. I thought someone would eventually change it, but guess what, NO ONE DID!!! And the reason why I'm so mad at this is because where it said "New Fionna and Cake? Yes, there'll be another episode down the line starring Marshall Lee....." , there was a refrence #4 on it, so to make sure I wasn't being trolled, I clicked the reference, and it was a link to an interveiw from forever ago, and it NOT say there was going to be a Fionna and Cake 2. So even after 9 months, no one bothered to change it. So I tryed, and it sucked because on the edit page, there were no refrence links listed! So I had to copy, which didn't work exactly right, but I figured it out, so I published it. Now theres this big red thing on the bottom that says "Cite error" and I cant get rid of it! All the links work btw, I checked. So, can someone with more experience fix it and tell me how to edit the reference section for future refrence? Also, sorry if this blog was a waste of your time (its my first one) /:[