Ok so I've had the idea for awhile of a prequel to Adventure Time. It would air after AT ended and would follow a group of survivors after The Great Mushroom War with a ton of connections to the show. It would tell us more about the Mushoom War as well as a lot of the unanswered questions from AT.

Here's how I think it should go:

I think it would follow this group of people who are trying to stay alive but not be a zombie apocalypse show. It would be like adventure time but creepier with a lot more eerie and irratiated threats and following about 6 people trying to stay alive in the less lively wasteland. It might even be shown on the internet because I don't know if Cartoon Network would accept a show like that. Perhaps on Cartoon Hangover. Anyways I think it'd be cool if they had references to the show like if, in one episode, they fight a group of zombie business men and push them into a glacier. And just stuff like that. It'd be really cool and mind blowing and maybe they'd even have a dog. Anyways, tell me what you guys think.