I wanted to talk about some episodes from this season that I feel didn't get discussed enough when they aired:

Finn the Human/Jake the Dog

These 2 episodes are some of my favorites. The crew came up with all this information but didn't put it together for us so that we'd be left on edge and to devise our own theories and ideas. Now I've mentioned my theories on this before but I'll summarize them again here. My first is that, no matter what, there will always be an Ice King, a Lich, and an apocalypse. If we fast forward a thousand years from the alternate timeline, I think that Finn would have become the Ice King, Jake would have become the Lich, and the apocalypse would happen, and Finn's little sibling would go on to help repopulate, eventually leading to the birth of Finn. My other theory kind of plays off that but is a little more extreme and less likely but not impossible. It's that the Farmworld Timeline is actually the exact same as
S5e2 Finn facing Jakelich hybrid3
the current AT Timeline, but a thousand years earlier. In the current timeline, Simon did freeze the bomb, the earth froze, and Finn eventually put on the crown and became the Ice King, but received Simon's memories from the crown. So our current Ice King is actually Finn Mertens. Continuing from there, the Marceline we saw is actually Marceline's mom. This is unlikely but I just came up with it to fit in with the theory. Anyways, Marceline's mother had her but left back to Earth afterwards. 7 years later, young Marceline is brought to Earth for an unknown reason just after the apocalypse wipes out the Earth. Her mother has died in the radiation pool and a slowly transforming Finn Mertens finds her crying, thinking he is Simon Petrikov as well as having impaired vision because the crown is slowly turning him into it's previous wearer. Farmworld Jake has been turned into the Lich. Just a theory, not a lot of evidence.

All the Little People

Love this episode and I thought we could talk about Finn's God complex and alignment. To start, I think Magic Man was trying to teach Finn something. Magic Man was placed into this world of inferior people. He was essentially Finn and all these beings were his little people. He was showing Finn that #1: absolute power corrupts absolutely and #2: Once you begin manipulating these people, it's hard to stop because it creates a chain reaction. Now this kind of
All the Little People title card
showed that Finn is far from being a true righteous hero. He's got the buns kicking down but his idea of right and wrong is still not finely tuned, especially in the case of an inferior people. He had complete power over them and didn't see their lives as equal to that of his own, the same way someone might squash a bug, without realizing what a significant thing they're doing (now I've squished plenty of bugs in my day so I'm not judging anyone). Magic Man's proof of the congruency of his life to Finn's is that Finn even gives the same line to the little wees at the end. For all we know, Magic Man may have righted all his wrongs before giving Finn the wees (and then possibly killed himself as LGP once suggested). So this makes us question Finn's progress as a hero. Has he progressed since the beginning of the show? If so, is it physically or mentally? Do you think he needs progress in one or both of these? What is your stance on the morality of this episode? What would you do with the wees?

Simon and Marcy

This really needs to be discussed more. For one thing, I think this part of Ice King's and Marceline's story was told because it was the beginning of Ice King's real drop into insanity. He called Marceline Gunther twice which leaves you to wonder whether he can see into the future or time is irrelevant to him. I discussed this with someone on another blog that he may see everything at once like the aliens in Slaughterhouse 5. My other idea of why he might have said this is that the crown is some sort of ancient artifact or maybe from other dimensions and has had many victims before. The first victim, perhaps had some sort of group of minions named Gunther and so it was passed down through each Ice King. The crown absorbs the minds of the previous victims and drives them insane but keeps their minds inside. This would also work with my Finn the Human/Jake the Dog theory where Finn receives all of Simon's memories. Anyways, continuing, the next thing I want to discuss is the whole "apocalypse-ness" of it. The zombie-like mutants have an eerily similar goo oozing out of them to the candy zombies in Slumber Party Panic.
Oozing Creature chase
Considering all the bubblegum that is plastered around what I assume must be Ooo 996 years ago, perhaps they eventually became mutated by the candy and led to a race of candy people hundreds of years later, that area becoming the Candy Kingdom. That would be pretty crazy. Thoughts?


The first thing I want to mention is a theory that I did not create! I read an idea that there is some sort of destiny for Finn, set in stone that he will always lose his arm because in all alternate worlds or ideas of himself in the future, he is missing an arm. Next I wanna just discuss pillowworld. Why didn't we really have a serious discussion about this? So first I'd say that the pillow door is one of the passageways to an alternate dimension that Booko talked about. Next we have why the pillow door was even there? This was just a random pile of pillows that Jake made. So was Finn meant to enter pillowworld? Was his fate simply waiting there for him to stumble upon an
S5e16 GOLB
area of pillows. I think this is actually a significant part of Finn's life. I think it was meant to show him some sort of lesson that we don't know yet. Then there is the mystery of GOLB. What is he? Maybe some sort of keeper of dimensions like Prismo? Maybe Finn was just meant to see one way of how his life would play out but once it was over, he was just sent back to reality. Thoughts on this?

Anyways, let's just discuss all this, tell me what you think, come up with questions of your own. Whatever. Come on we need a new, big blog.


Alright, I'm adding more ideas for discussion so here goes:

The Lich

Where is he? I know that the portal closed so he can't be in Ooo. Is he just hanging out with Prismo or were there portals to other dimensions in that area. I'm sure he must be devising a plan to destroy all life again. Do you think he's coming back?

Sons of Mars

There's one big thing in this episode that totally blows my mind and yet we've never talked about: "(gasp) It's the dog! The one you were prophesied to meet!" So #1: This proves the G-bros are some sort of omnipotent deities or at least have access to information involving the universe. #2: Finn's fate is somewhat fortold and possibly Jake's as well. This supports some of my previous theories like: a) The bomb, Lich, and Ice King are constants in the destiny
S4e15 Grob Gob Glob Grod and Abe

The one you were prophesied to meet!

of the Earth b) Finn was meant to find Pillowworld. I think all the deities are trying to teach Finn the ways of the hero. Dad's Dungeon, All the Little People, Puhoy, etc. were all moments created by people like Joshua, Magic Man, and GOLB to teach Finn huge lessons in the ways of a hero. The reason? Well I think it's to, once and for all, destroy the Lich, while other deities like Prismo are teaching Jake in ways of how to help Finn. Thoughts on this?

Finn's real dad

So I made a blog about this awhile ago but it got very little comments. In an unused scene for the Lich, Billy (possessed by the lich) tells Finn who his real dad is and
Booko explains that he is trapped in the "Crystal Citadel" which is a prison that's very hard to escape from and that he is there because he was wrongfully imprisoned. So why didn't they use this? I think it's because they didn't want to reveal it to us at this time but they may have changed their minds and decided not to use that idea. What do you think? Also, where is Finn's mom?


So, as you probably know, Joshua was attacked by the evil monster in Dad's Dungeon. But is that where he died? Wouldn't Finn, Jake, Jake's mom, Jermaine, and any other relatives be all "Why did Joshua just leave today and never come back"? Well they probably were, considering we didn't see that scene but there's a possibility that Joshua could've escaped. He had the family sword with him. What do you think? I personally think he died there but I'm open to discussing other ideas. I also recently noticed a small pile of bones in the darkness (about a dog's worth), right next to the Evil Monster. This is a normal thing in the AT universe but they were the only bones in the entire room and, for all we know, Joshua was the only person to enter that room...
Download (2)

Notice: A ribcage a pile of bones and LOOK: Is that a dog skull wearing a hat?!?!?!

The Snail

The Snail exists beyond space and time. He escaped from the spiders web and existed in the past in Simon and Marcy. He is the all seeing deity. He is the end and the beginning. He is our one and only true master. All hail the snail (this is a joke).

Abraham Lincoln/Mars

So, there's plenty to discuss on him but it's been said so I just wanted to state a theory: Before the bomb went off, one of the nations began a mission to allow civilization on Mars (which is actually something that we've been researching even today). I have a theory that one of the missions failed and dehydrated food was left floating around the Earth and got hydrated, etc., etc. but that's not what I'm talking about right now. My theory is that they needed a ruler of Mars and they used the power of the Enchiridion to raise the perfect leader from the dead: Abraham Lincoln. They launched him and a huge group of people to Mars either before the war got out of hand or just as the apocalypse began as an abort mission. Over thousands of years, the people adapted to survive on Mars but Abraham Lincoln did not change because he had been altered by the power of the Enchiridion. I also noticed that there are carvings of the symbol for a male engraved throughout mars. Adding onto that, all the martians appear to be male! What does this mean? Thoughts?

Theory: Magic Man is an alcoholic

Ok, hear me out: Notice that he has empty bottles scattered around his house? He was driven into a depression from the loss of Margles, probably, so maybe he turned to alcohol and, in fits of drunken rage, would go around, turning very nice people into body parts to make their lives as miserable as his own.

One Last Job

One question: How did Jake squeeze through that cage door when he was chasing them at the end??? He would've had to detach little pieces of himself to get through each hole. Did the crew get lazy and not think about that or does Jake have the ability to detach pieces of himself and reassemble them???

Finn and Jake's relationship

So, we know that Finn and Jake have been brothers since they were babies but how long have they been best friends??? Finn doesn't know about Jake's criminal past at all! Was Jake just really good at keeping a secret? I think Finn may have been excluded from the brothers since he was different: All of the other dogs used to laugh and call him names. They wouldn't let poor finn join in any dog games. Anyways, what do you think? Were they always that way? What is Finn's relationship with Jermaine?


So first off, I want to mention something PB said at the beginning of this episode. She said Goliad was made from "pretty standard candy creature soup". How does she know this formula? Did she actually create the whole kingdom and all it's residents or just some? Anyways, let's move on. Goliad's corruption and symbolism: Some people think that Goliad being evil implies PB's being evil. But the reason Goliad turned evil was just because she was given the power but didn't learn how to use it properly. PB was probably raised on how to be a proper princess. She has to give up so much for the sake of her naive, ditzy little people and she does it with a smile. She only cares for her people. Meanwhile, Goliad was taught to use her power to guide others, which would only achieve the best results at the loss of her peoples' happiness. They are not the same. Then we have Stormo. Stormo is also given power but isn't taught how to use it at all, just like Finn. I think the reason Stormo could only screech is to symbolize how naive and immature Finn is, possibly. He then gives up his own life for the greater good. I think this is another big moment for Finn. He sees himself in Stormo and sees that he is able to give up such a sacrifice. This could possibly even be foreshadowing. Will Finn someday need to give up an equal cost for the greater good??? What do you think?

Marceline in I Remember You and Memory of a Memory

I've noticed two things. #1: In Memory of a Memory, the background of the apocalypse before they walk up to little Marcy looks EXACTLY like the first shot of the apocalypse in I Remember You. #2: When Marceline is crying in the second shot of the flashback in I remember You, she's crying next to a house that looks just like the one from Memory of a Memory! Did she return to the house later in her life to remember Simon? What do you think?

Alright this is all I have for now but I'll add more later if I think of 'em. If there's anything you want me to analyze or say a theory on, please mention it in the comments because I have theories and ideas on many things that I may just be forgetting to put here.