What do you guys think about Finn's real dad?

Do you think that the AT creators are sticking with this story and just couldn't produce it? Do you think that the Lich was lying? Do you think Finn's real dad should ever be revealed or even on the show, in person (I don't think they should)? Here's what I think if they are sticking with that story and if the lich wasn't lying:

Finn's Dad is the Lich (that's how he knew who Finn's dad was). He was once human but was banished to the Crystal Citadel for an unknown reason. He spent his time fighting off the monsters there and thought of it as pointless. He eventually devised some sort of plan to escape involving the goop in the well of power, but he had to sacrifice his bod and his humanity. He was thought to still reside in the Crystal Citadel but he had secretly slipped back to Ooo. The goop turned him into a lich (dark wizard) and the evil drove him insane (similar to farmworld Finn with the ice crown). So now he's the lich.

And that's my stupid theory.