Hayo everybody. So I've decided to go through every single episode that Finn is one of the protagonists in, rewatch it, and describe how Finn grows, learns, or proves something that aids him on his quest to be a hero. I always think so deeply through every character or moment of history in Adventure Time but I never think enough through the seemingly random episodes and how much they have to do with Finn's growth. Puhoy is probably the biggest one. Anyways, this will of course take awhile so I will be doing this over a series of updates (WARNING: This will be very long). Key episodes will be starred. Hope you enjoy!

The Hero's Journey

So I just want to assess Finn's relation to this before we start.

Call to Adventure:

How does this relate to Finn? We're not exactly sure what calls him to adventure. Perhaps he wants to find fun and beauty in the bleak destruction of his world, where he never even knew what it was like for his world to be unbroken. Perhaps it's the death of his parents (as in Jake's parents not as in his human parents) but that'd be a cliché. Who knows? What do you think?

Supernatural Aid:

This is pretty obvious: Jake

Now, these are just the starting pieces. I'll get to the other parts as we progress through Finn's story.

*Slumber Party Panic

I think the biggest thing to cite from this episode is Finn actually learning something about reponsibility. While the thing he learns doesn't necessarily have to do with being a hero, I think it's great to have as the first episode because it almost starts Finn on his journey. He may not be some perfect ruler who must make tough decisions for the people of his kingdom like PB is, but he needs to be able to take responsibility for the people of the world he lives in and perhaps even the universe...or all of them! He also learns that Mr. Cupcake is chocolate xD

Trouble in Lumpy Space

Here, Finn has to deal with the possibility of losing someone he loves. This is something he must get used to early on if he is going to be a true hero. He can't save everyone including the people closest to him or even himself. While in this episode, it was only a symbolic death of Jake completely losing all the attributes that make him Jake, he still may have to deal with a real death in the future.


I'd say this episode is important because it's the first canon account we have of Finn dealing with a psychopathic villain like the Ice King. That's kinda all I have to say about the episode.

Tree Trunks

This continues from my Trouble in Lumpy Space analysis. Finn mentions that he would feel terrible if Tree Trunks died because he couldn't save her. He can't handle the idea of anyone dying on his account. He feels that he has to save everyone and he may actually have to someday but people are going to die and he can't accept this yet. This is more of an episode of him proving that he's not fully a hero yet, rather than proving his worth.

*The Enchiridion!

This episode is wildly important to Finn's story and could one even argue that this is his threshold? Is Mount Cragdor the beginning of his transformation into a true hero now that he's received the ultimate guide? Is manish man the threshold guardian? I think that the creators could actually be following the chart of the Hero's Journey the way Tolkien did with the Hobbit. After Bilbo got through the threshold guardians, he received the sword. After Finn gets through his, he receives the book. It's a perfect analogy. So I think this is Finn's threshold and the beginning of his transformation.

The Jiggler

This is the first episode where Finn must actually part with something for the sake of responsibility. This relates, yet again to the idea that Finn may have to part with someone or something, someday. Could it even be foreshadowing?

Ricardio, the Heart Guy

Finn has to deal with some inner emotions in this episode. He also shows some of his immaturity when he proves he doesn't have the capacity to feel empathy for certain people, based on their alignment, like the Ice King.

Business Time

Here's another episode that revolves more around why Finn isn't a perfect hero. He can be lazy but he learns at the end that responsibility comes first.

My Two Favorite People

This isn't really a huge learning episode for Finn but it did show that he's willing to fight for Jake, I guess. That's all. Finn was a protagonist but it was more of a Jake episode, really.

*Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

This episode really showed how much Finn wants to help people. The only thing he wanted was to help with everything everyone else wanted. He really does care about people and it showed a possible motive for his call to adventure: Helping people in need. He doesn't want anyone else to have to go through what he did. He's really a righteous guy.


This is another episode that kinda showed part of Finn's immaturity. He wanted to help the people but wasn't willing to sacrifice something as big as his life so he put the temple in danger. I mentioned earlier (or maybe it was in another blog) that he may need to make a huge sacrifice someday for the greater good but he clearly isn't prepared for it right now. He may learn it later on his journey.


Finn shows again that he's willing to fight for Jake but not much else really. Most of the episode was montage if you think about it. However, Marceline could be the first "helper" from the Hero's Journey!

City of Thieves

Finn kind of shows how naive he is. He learns more about trust in this episode because he doesn't seem to realize that not everyone is good and he shouldn't just immediately help someone like he does with Penny or later on with Magic Man. In the words of Jake, "maybe helping this guy is the wrong thing to do." So he learns not to trust everyone (though he doesn't really seem to understand it because he does go and just help a suspicious old man in a trenchcoat who turns him into a foot, later).

The Witch's Garden

This is another episode that revolves more around Jake but it still shows that Finn has boundaries and he gets frustrated.

What is Life?

Every hero gets side tracked to throw pies every once in awhile.

*Ocean of Fear

This is a pretty obvious one, they even explain it in the episode. The Mark of a Hero is his flaws. This kinda gives purpose to all the previous episodes I've mentioned that show Finn's immaturity or flaws. However, the Mark of a Hero could also be a little yellow triangle on his hand xD (Legend of Zelda, anyone?).

Wedding Bells Thaw

This kind of shows how far Finn will go to protect the princesses. He'd spend a whole day with the Ice King xD

Freak City

Another episode where Finn shows that he's naive. I think Magic Man was actually teaching him a lesson in this case. We may laugh at the fact that Magic Man's lesson was essentially "I'm a d***!" but it may actually be a valuable lesson for Finn: A lot of people are bad and you should learn that early on. He shouldn't just be persuaded by anyone who pretends to be in need. We also learn that Finn is all about sugar and feeding hobos :P

The Duke

Finn shows more immaturity. He's afraid to lose someone he loves so he goes to arrest someone innocent. However, upon realizing that they do not deserve to be arrested (though I do think having a "pudding deficiency" does not justify stealing) he does make the right decision and try to protect this person, even if it was a really stupid plan. In the end, he comes to terms with losing someone and does the right thing because of this learning experience but he gets lucky and doesn't have to lose her.


"Maybe helping this guy is the wrong thing to do" Finn helps the house people town by trying to change Donny but puts them in more peril. I think Finn has been learning that he shouldn't always butt in and sometimes things should just be left be.


Finn learns in this episode that not everything is what it seems and he really shows how far he's willing to go to be a hero. It's funny that, in Wizard, he wasn't willing to give up his life for the greater good but here he is. Progress? I think yes.


Finn tries to prove his worth without Jake and he shows that he still needs Jake as his crutch but this doesn't mean he's not a true hero. A person is not bad simply because they need help. It's just hard for Finn to deal with the dangers of his messed up world alone. For example, in Davey, Finn is the one who kills the dragon but he can't get up there without Jake.

What Have You Done?

Finn wants to do the right thing in this episode when he locks himself up for doing the wrong thing, again willing to give up his life, even if he was really stupid. Ice King didn't commit any recent crimes but he still has committed crimes and PB would not have locked him up for no reason so they should have waited for her permission.

Rainy Day Daydream

Bth imagination zpsa2cb3e79

lol I dunno

His Hero

Well this episode is definitely important because Finn learns that kicking buns isn't always the answer and I also think that Billy is the "mentor" from the Hero's Journey, even if he is only in one episode.

The Gut Grinder

Hmmmmm...meh I dunno. Anyone have any ideas?

It Came From The Nightosphere

Finn butts in again without thinking through what he's doing and puts Ooo in danger. This is our first account where he saves a huge amount of people. His heroism is really brought out and it's a perfect episode to begin the second season with.

The Eyes

Finn and Jake are seen as huge heroes at the beginning in the flashbacks and Finn shows how far he'll go for the sake of getting rid of something annoying. He also shows that he's able to step back from frustration and address a problem when he points out that the horse is tearing them apart.

Loyalty to the King

Finn kind of shows that he's able to mindlessly follow a leader (*cough* nazi *cough*) but this is a good episode for him to learn not to follow someone just because they're in charge.

Blood Under the Skin

Finn pursues his goal of being a night throughout the entire episode but learns in the end that he doesn't need armor and can be a hero in his bare buns if he wants. He also showed his self-conciousness and has shame, unlike Jake who harnesses the power of embarrassment to take away it's power like a true hero. I think that Jake has the attributes of a hero and could teach Finn a lot but is very lazy and ignorant and has the crutch of powers.


Finn butts in again when he shouldn't, but in this episode, it helps people so his flaw can also be a pro sometimes. I also love forest wizard, just cause he's a Druid :P

Slow Love

Finn tries to help someone who isn't in peril and shows more of his ability to help someone just for their happiness, though it could have been just for the sake of his house.

Power Animal

This was also more of a Jake episode but it did show us more of Finn's energy and abilities I guess. It kind of showed us more of his capacity to fight and such.

Crystals Have Power

Yet another "more of a Jake episode" but it did give us something that could possibly form more Finn background development: Jermaine. What is Finn's relation to him?

The Other Tarts

This showed us how Finn can make some really poor decisions and that he may have a little too much confidence. He still needs to learn to me more careful and think through what he's doing. Finn is like Aang. He has "airbending" (fighting) down but he still needs to master the other "elements" (intelligence, strategy, etc.).

To Cut A Woman's Hair

Finn learns that he is awesome at talking to ladies. He gains +5 charisma in this episode which could be a useful skill in being a hero (bargaining, winning over women or men to gain access to things, etc.).

The Chamber of Frozen Blades

Finn learns some awesome powers here and I wonder if he can still use them. Also, if he still has that book, it could help him in using more rogue-type strategies. This raises the question, was Finn meant to find this book? I'll give more on the "fate" idea of Finn's story later.

Her Parents

Jake episode but it did give new meaning to the name "Finn the Human" because lady's parents said they though humans were extinct which could relate more to Finn's backstory. Who knows?

The Pods

Finn seems to be good at remembering key details that can help their situation like the ice cream drawings under "do you have any allergies". A good skill for a hero.

The Silent King

In this episode, Finn was forced to not kick buns or help people. When he is held back from being a hero, we see how much it saddens him for people to be in trouble or need, like in His Hero. This shows more of his purity and genuine heroism. Finn is, deep-down, destined to be a hero (hint hint hint).

The Real You

Here we see that Finn either shouldn't be smart or isn't ready for it yet, at least not without earning it himself. He still needs to learn intelligence but cheating his way to it isn't the answer. He clearly turns into a condescending d*** when he's that smart but he does need to be able to develop more strategies and understand more about certain things. PB is definitely a good influence on him because he seems to learn a lot when he hangs out with her.

Guardians of Sunshine

Here we see that Finn isn't really good at fighting in a place that's out of his element. This isn't a good attribute because he might, one day have to fight somewhere where he doesn't have access to the kind of things he uses to fight in his normal world and where the properties are different from that of Ooo. Hopefully he can learn that if another fighting mentor arises.

Death in Bloom

Finn shows some intelligence in this episode, like knowing not to drink the water because the skeleton says to. He also shows some "honor" by remembering to tell death that Peppermint Butler says hi :P

Susan Strong

This is more of a backstory episode for Finn. Could he possibly have some relation to this group since he wears the hat and such? We know he skinned the bear himself but how could that be such a coincidence that they also all have hats. Maybe he was influenced to skin the bear by them but can't remember. Theory: Finn was found by this group (or the famous "Susan is Finn's mother") and they decided to raise him, knowing that their ancestors were once human like him. They sent him out to skin a bear, as is tradition with their kind but he got lost. He was eventually found by Joshua and Margaret.

Mystery Train

Finn shows a love for sleuthing but doesn't seem to be too good at it in this episode. I think this is a skill that he will slowly get better at throughout the series, like in Candy Streets.

Go With Me

This is another episode that shows more of how naive Finn is. He doesn't really think through the advice he's getting from 2 people who clearly don't understand the person he's after at all. I mean, he doesn't even take a second to think "Does PB really wants wolves in her room". He shouldn't just do whatever people tell him so he still needs to learn to think for himself, sometimes.

Belly of the Beast

Finn is shown to be more of a rational thinker in this episode. He understands that the bears will turn into "the stuff" if they stay. He's also shown to be somewhat good at conflict resolution at the end.

The Limit

Finn thinks rationally yet again because he tries to tell Jake to cool it with the stretching but Jake is just too stubborn. In the end he's forced to make a tough decision by encouraging Jake into something bad for his well-being in the long run.

*Mortal Folly

This is Finn's "first fate of the world deal". He shows a lot of fighting skills like his finishing move on the Lich and this also shows how strong he is by being able to vanquish such a powerful being (at least for now).

*Mortal Recoil

Finn is naive again in this episode to be gullible enough to get those ingredients for PB without being susupicious though she does probably deal with those things a lot so it might not come as a surprise to him. He's also shown to be able to put aside grudges for the greater good by allowing Ice King to help them.

Video Makers

Finn is shown to be pretty stubborn (as is Jake) and to sometimes only hear what he wants to hear. He still needs to learn some basic things about growing up in general.

Heat Signature

Blah blah blah naive blah blah blah.

*Conquest of Cuteness

Finn was shown to be more righteous in this episode and doesn't have too much pride which is good. He's able to give up and pretend to be defeated for the sake of the Cute King and isn't prideful like Jake for the sake of an inner moral victory rather than a victory that he can flaunt to raise his reputation. While it may not seem like one, this is actually quite a heroic episode for Finn and a good episode to begin Season 3. I think that each season could have a pattern. Season 1 was mostly responsibility and such, Season 2 was more about flaws and how naive Finn was. My hypothesis is that Season 3 is about morality (the reason I am only hypothesising is because I analyze these as I go along so I don't know if this is true).

Morituri Te Salutamus

I think this episode is definitely underrated. I really love it. Anyways, it's interesting to note Finn's determination to follow a fixed strategy. It seemed, before, as if he was kind of a wild kid who just kinda winged it most of the time but he now seems to be good at developing plans and cooperating with others but Jake just doesn't really return the cooperation. It also seems this episode was somewhat centered around morality as well as Finn seemed to go evil.

Memory of a Memory

While Finn was definitely dooped in this episode, I wouldn't go so far as to say it was naive of him because Ash was farely convincing and he didnt even know who Ash was before travelling into the memories. I'd say the only thing to note in this episode is that Finn goes pretty far simply for the well being of a friend, even ones that aren't Jake.


Mostly an Ice King episode, wouldn't really even call it worthy of putting on the list, though Finn shows a level of authority over Ice King that we didn't see before but it's mostly just because Ice King's crazy and stupid.

Too Young

Finn seemed to be a bully, somewhat, in this episode. In our world today, this would be the equivalent of him beating up and making fun of an autistic kid. However, Lemongrab also seems to be criminally insane so his actions are excusable since it was for the good of the people. It's similar to how Princess Bubblegum had to beat up Ice King to save the Candy People in What Have You Done. On that note, we need to ask ourselves if Finn was doing this for the sake of the Candy People or just for Princess Bubblegum?

The Monster

Mostly LSP episode so no comment. If you have an idea, leave it below.


Finn was asleep most of the episode.

Wizard Battle

Yet another episode where one must wonder whether Finn is doing what he's doing for the sake of morality and the greater good or whether he is simply a knight at the beck and call of his mistress, trying to win the heart of her. Did he really care that Ice King was cheating? If not, I think this should be an attribute Finn needs to gain. While right now it's simply stopping someone from doing something immoral that is very small, he may someday need to have the ability to care enough about moral things in general.

*What Was Missing

Finn showed more love for these 3 (or 4 if he was including BMO in his song as well) people. While they seemed to just be his friends before, his time with them has helped him grow incredibly. This may foreshadow that these 3 (or 4) will play a huge role in whatever might come in the future (though I think it was already pretty obvious that Jake would play a huge role). We should also discuss if Finn's idea of himself to each of his friends is accurate: Is he a joke to Marceline? Is he nothing more than PB's knight? Is he only bound to Jake by the meer coincidence of being adopted by Joshua and Margaret or was this fate and was it meant to be Jake who helps him grow? Why not Jermaine?

Apple Thief

Finn displays his sleuthing skills again but this time he seems more skilled at it than he did in mystery train. He is able to blend in with the ne'er do wells but they may have just been faking it when they "believed" their disguises because they tricked them soon after that. He's good at deducing things from evidence that he's collected, as shown in the end. He also is astounded by Jake's previous "immoral" acts, another thing pointing towards a theme of morality in Season 3. 

The Creeps

A lot of this episode can't be used as evidence for anything since most of it was scripted by Finn but his newfound fear of the Ghost Lady is very interesting. How will this come up later and will she ever actually return, not just in Finn's dream? It also showed Finn's ability to easily repress something which means there could be something from his past that he doesn't even remember. Perhaps this will come up again.

From Bad to Worse

Finn seemed to be good at taking charge in this episode though some of his decisions were...stupid: "we'll each make our own version of the formula. One of us is bound to get it right!" No. The notes were meant to go together but that's just Finn being naive. Anyways, his intentions were good and he managed to save the Candy Kingdom, proving to be an effective leader and at least moderately good under stress.


Finn is shown to be kind of stubborn about certain situations, based on his relation to the person leading. For example, he didn't want to go back, even when Susan's decisions seemed questionable just because she MIGHT be human. This shows how much he clings to the idea of there being other humans out there but it is also a bad attribute. He could end up doing something chaotic, just because Flame Princess wants to or something. But we'll get to that later.

No One Can Hear You

My glob, this episode is so fantastic. Definitely underrated. As for the analysis, Finn kind of just showed how far he goes to save people. He's definitely a hero, he just hasn't grown enough yet.

Jake vs Me-Mow

Finn wasn't too smart in this episode, like when Jake told him to be quiet and he started yelling. His friend was obviously pretty serious but he didn't take it seriously enough. However, he was very serious about Jake afterwards, when fighting Me-mow, but we already knew that.

Thank You

Finn goes pretty far for sandwiches.

The New Frontier

We learned a little bit more about Finn's emotional side and love for Jake. This makes me wonder, however, does Finn repress some emotions? We'll discuss that once I get to Dad's Dungeon.

*Holly Jolly Secrets (Part 1 and 2)

It might be good to note that Finn doesn't seem to care enough about certain things by the fact that he simply forgot about Ice King's suitcase. Maybe that's something he should take more seriously since Ice King was clearly worried about the "evil secrets" it held. Anyways, this definitely showed that Finn has the capacity to feel sympathy for anyone, even someone whose commited the most heinous of crimes like Ice King. While Ice King is still a patoot, he feels bad for the things that Ice King has had to endure. This really portrays Finn in a more raw manner. I hope they do another Christmas episode, since they said they do it every year.

Marceline's Closet

Finn is scarred for life in this episode xD

Paper Pete

This brings up the idea that Finn might possibly "make up adventures" sometimes. Could Finn really be so desperate for action?

Another Way

Finn has been shown to be stubborn but this episode really exposes his pig-headedness. He grows in this episode and sees that his way isn't always right or moral. He still needs to learn and the growth in this episode opens him up to learning. Only once he can step outside of reality and think through his actions with great care can he truly be a hero. When he acts impulsively and bases his actions on what is happening in his world, he ends up using people for his own selfish reasons and hurting innocent bystanders.

Ghost Princess

Finn's sleuthing skills are shown yet again. This time, he seems to be pretty good at being a detective. His ability to assess evidence could come in handy in the future. Believe it or not, watching this episode is what made me come up with the idea for this blog because I wanted to discuss Finn's different skillsets.

Dad's Dungeon

First I want to just point out Finn's ability to realize something is suspicious when he remembers their lust for burgers and hot dogs from earlier in the morning. Now let's discuss Finn's emotional side: He states that he only cries when people die and stuff which shows that he can at least have some emotion but does he repress certain ones for the sake of being tough? This also shows how much Finn is affected by those he loves and that he's honest. He's truthful to the nasty creature and he basically gives up when Jake is rude to him. He even makes rash decisions like when he decides to "partake-a the fruit".


So first of all, I'd like to say that Flame Princess is probably the second "helper" from the Hero's Journey. She's someone who could possibly aid Finn on his journey in the future and help him with whatever challenge is to come. Now, Finn is shown in this episode as very emotional, contradicting what he says in Dad's Dungeon (that he only cries when people die and stuff). However, it's good for Finn to let out his feelings so they do not hinder him in his later quests. Finn is also shown to be drawn towards that which is Chaotic, which is unusual because he is more lawful bet hey, I don't judge xD

*Hot to the Touch

This episode kind of showed how passionate, but stupid Finn can be about something. We still can't tell if Finn actually liked Flame Princess from the start or if he was just thinking with what he uses for tier 15 but the fact is that he was headset on going after Flame Princess. I'm not saying Finn doesn't like Flame Princess, I'm simply saying he may not have actually had feelings for her at the very beginning and just developed them later on in scenes that we didn't see. Anyways, we see that Finn allows personal relationships to get in the way of being a hero. While he did try to save the Goblin Kingdom, he was technically the reason she got so angry and he didn't really make it any better. I'd have to chalk that victory up to Jake and say that Finn should try and overcome that little bump in his heroism, though he did use his charisma points to calm FP down so he should get partial credit.

Web Weirdos

We definitely see some of Finn's stupidity when he tries to "stunt" Jake out of the web. We also see that Finn does really care about everyone's well-being, even if they did previously capture him with intentions to eat him. Also, HOLY GLOB, HOW STRONG IS FINN?! HE FREAKIN' HITS BARB WITH A TREE! A TREE!

Dream of Love

I guess this episode might kind of show that Finn cares for the mental and emotional well-being of people, not just physical?

Return to the Nightosphere/Daddy's Little Monster

Finn is shown to be pretty determined in these episodes, given all that he goes through to simply find out why he was in the Nightoshpere. He also seems to have gained a huge milestone in heroism here as he is able to give up his life for two of his closest friends. He was lucky enough to be saved from the chaotic evil but his willingness proves that he has overcome the bump in his heroism and has gained a huge heroic attribute that could definitely be something he needs to use in his later challenges.

In Your Footsteps

This episode showed that Finn can be blind to suspicion of someone because they like him and also didn't understand the importance of the Enchiridion.

Hug Wolf

Mmmm Finn mostly wasn't Finn in this episode so nothin' to really note here.


Finn seems to question himself when Goliad says that controlling people is the best way to lead which will come up later (All the Little People). This could impact him to give him wrong thoughts and he may need to be reversed from this thought.

Beyond This Earthly Realm

This episode kind of showed Finn's self-conciousness at one point when he cared so much about the opinion of strangers because they were laughing at him over the song. Other than that, nothing really to say. Good episode.


Love this episode. It showed that Finn really cares for everyone and doesn't judge. He took in LSP and was very kind to her and helped her confidence. He didn't even care that she was trying to catch him liking her or even deny it. It kind of just showed how cool of a guy he was. I also loved the adventure they went on even though it was really short.

Princess Cookie

This episode showed more of Finn's "paladin-ism" so to speak. He's a great hero but he lets he might be just a little too lawful. However, Princess Cookie definitely deserved to go in the dungeon. "HE JIST WONTED 2 B A PRINSES!" Oh wow! So that means that if I just want to be rich, I can go hold a bunch of people hostage and ransom them for money and not get in trouble??? What if I just want to murder someone? Can I go do that? I mean, if it's my dream, shouldn't I be allowed to do it and not get in trouble??? (note: all sarcasm. It is NOT my dream to murder anyone!)

Card Wars

This showed that Finn can actually be kind of smart because he was able to deduce the rules of a game without even knowing.

*Sons of Mars

While this is a pretty obvious and repetitive fact, this episode definitely shows the most how much Finn loves Jake and what he would do for him. It also shows how quickly he jumps to violence when he throws the chair at the G-bros, which led to the death of Jake, showing that he should learn not to be so hot-headed. His passion can be a great quality in a hero but it could also be his downfall. Now here's where I'm going to get into Finn's "destiny to be a hero". After Jake is killed, the G-Bros say "It's the dog! The one you were prophesied to meet". This has made me think that the deities of Ooo have been working together to weave Finn's life in a way that will prepare him to be the greatest hero ever. There must have been something that caused Finn to be found by Joshua and Margaret so that he could meet Jake who would ultimately help him to be a hero. Why? My hypothesis is that Finn will have to defeat the Lich but there could be an even greater threat. The Lich is a threat to the AT universe but not the whole multiverse so an even greater challenge could arise. More on this later.

Burning Low

This episode shows that Finn can be good under pressure. He's a quick thinker. Immediately when Flame Princess fell, he wrapped himself in Jake and jumped down to save her. He managed to save Flame Princess without the world exploding. He also denounces PB and learned some amount of sex ed.

King Worm

One of my favorite episodes right here. Anyways, Finn is revealed in some hidden ways here. The scene where he is the king could be some hint that he still holds any amount of feelings for Princess Bubblegum. It could also be a lust for power. We later get to see all of Finn's deepest fears. This is another implication of feelings toward PB and we also see a fear of the Ghost Lady which he had repressed previously, so this could be foreshadowing.

You Made Me

Finn's selflessness is ridiculous in this episode. He puts himself through shock damage and jumps in front of a sound sword to save PB. We've known that he would give up his life for others but this shows how much pain he'd go through to save someone from experiencing it.

Who Would Win

Finn seems to care somewhat about some sort of reputation which means some of what he does could be for "street cred".

Ignition Point

This episode showed more of how much Finn cares. We've seen how much he'll do for his closest friends but here he even tries to save someone who locked up his girlfriend. It shows how moral he is and that he wants everyone to live and be happy, no matter their alignment. It also foreshadows Finn trying to change Flame Princess so we'll see how that plays out.

The Hard Easy

"I don't know a lot of guys who would do that" I guess this shows that Finn must be pretty comfortable in his sexuality.

Reign of Gunters

This episode shows Finn's conflict resolution skills and some naivety. Instead of subduing the enemy Gunters (which he obviously can't anyways), he makes everyone happy by getting the Gunters what they want and stopping them but he didn't think it through enough.

The Lich

Surprisingly not much shown about Finn in this episode. He was mostly just typical Finn.

Finn the Human/Jake the Dog

Since Finn was not actually Finn in this episode, I'm going to assume that any of Finn's personality in this cannot be used as canon with regular Finn.

Up a Tree

This shows that Finn isn't as naive as he used to be. He's smart enough not to just sit on needles and eat apples from strange squirrels. He also shows some independency by retrieving his on disc though it was stupid of him not to just let Jake get it.

*All The Little People

Huge life lesson. Finn is given the opportunity to play god and takes it. Magic Man is trying to show him that absolute power corrupts, absolutely and how hard it is to be responsible for so many lives. He doesn't realize how real these little peeps are, just as I'm sure Magic Man played around with the people of Earth because he was superior to them and saw them as small. This could be following up to the moment in Goliad where Finn wonders if controlling people is the right way to rule.


This shows that Finn doesn't really like fame and kind of eliminates the idea that Finn does what he does for the popularity.

All Your Fault

Nothing really to note here. Finn was pretty straight forward in this episode.

Little Dude

Not much. I wonder if the original bear that Finn skinned was evil as well. I mean, he was just a baby so he probably wouldn't be able to tell. Poor, innocent bear.

Vault of Bones

This kind of showed that Finn has a pretty manual way of going through a dungeon rather than a more relaxed and loose way as Flame Princess does. FP kind of plays it by ear but Finn goes through the dungeon in a fixed way, getting all the loot possible. I don't really judge Finn for kind of doing things his way at first though because sometimes you don't realize you're doing something wrong until someone points it out to you. At least he accepted that he was being an "uncooth lout" and made penitence.

The Great Bird Man

This showed Finn has gotten over his trusting problem and can investigate a little before immediately accepting someone as good.

A Glitch is a Glitch

I don't accept this episode as canon as it wasn't made by any of the traditional storyboarders.


Ready for a huge bomb? Scroll all the way to the top of this blog and read what part we're on in the Hero's Journey. Go on, I'll wait. Ok, Finn crawls into the deep darkness and ends up in this completely new area (the abyss). He lives on in this world for years and comes to a revelation during his travels, a huge revelation of responsibility and something that will probably come up later. Then he dies and is reborn in his normal universe. This is the death and rebirth! Finn is being guided by the deities of Ooo, in this case, GOLB, the beast who Finn runs into on his way back to his universe. TheMostBoringManInTheWorld has brought up the fact that GOLB has objects floating around its head that look similar to the pieces of the multiverse, implying that he could be the center of the multiiverse. He is the connection between universes and is probably responsible for the door so that Finn could make this huge revelation. Then, he brings Finn back to his universe. Thoughts?

Princess Potluck

This kind of showed that Finn will not judge someone forever based on one of there actions when he allows Ice King to party as long as he stops being a butt. It also brings up the idea that not every episode is in chronilogical order.

James Baxter the Horse

This showed that Finn has heros that don't just kick butt and he does really strive to be an emotional hero as well.


He only had 30 seconds worth of signs not much development.

Candy Streets

Finn is shown to profile people by just arresting the suspicious candy person without even knowing if he was Pete Sassafras. He is good at following clues but shouldn't just jump to conclusions.

Wizards Only, Fools

Finn mostly followed PB like the fearless, mindless knight he is, obeying his mistress xD No but seriously, he may need to learn to think a little more for himself, even though PB is smart, her personality can sometimes lead her to irrational behavior.

Jake Suit

Finn is shown to be able to withstand incredible amounts of pain here (though he may just be getting used to fire pain from Flame princess xD) and can also be pretty inconsiderate at times. He was stubborn and believed his behavior towards his friend to be ok though he was basically right in the end so not the best lesson for him xD He does seem to be able to take punishment though, a great attribute in a hero and this kind of shows how FP is a helper, since she's obviously giving him some immunity towards fire.

Be More

Finn shows a lot of care for BMO that we've never seen before. I would love to see their past together, especially since Moe said BMO was meant to take care of a boy. ANother thing Moe said is that he sent BMO into the world to find another family and take care of their boy, which makes me wonder when BMO found him. Was Finn already with Jake's family or did they maybe even find BMO after Finn and Jake were living alone. Who knows? Finally, we have the fact that Finn was found the closest thing to a human since Susan, who may or may not be human.

Frost and Fire

Oh gosh, so much to talk about in this episode. Let's start out with the simple, obvious parts: Finn is a massive wad in this episode. However, I love it! He get's some great development, but it just shows that he's a dirtbag in some ways. It gives us something that he can grow upon, which he clearly will, and it will be a great story arc. Now, Cheeze explained something about the dream on her tumblr: Finn's "womwomwom"'s were referencing the All the Little People toys because Finn manipulated them for his own game in that episode, whereas here, he does the same thing with FP. They've been building to this side of Finn and I can't wait to see where it goes. The hairy baby version was his "manchild", according to Cheeze, and FP is disgusted by it, being able to see past all his BS. He needs to learn this and he will probably get a pretty great lesson about it from PB in Too Old. In conclusion, we see a lot of Finn development, a great area for him to grow in, and that he kinda sucks in a way. I'm sure he will learn this and maybe, someday, learn to use his manipulative side for good.

Too Old

I think this was mostly a lemongrab development episode but we did get to see Finn's quickness to jump to a new love interest and that he's beginning his growth on the path to being a better person/hero.

Earth and Water

Finn fell into a moderate depression there, at the beginning. He still defended Flame Princess and seemed to have actually learned something from Too Old, which I'm glad about. Then, we learn that he made a baby cry with his snot and he showed that he has not grown completely, yet. He asked if they were still going out again at the end and then wallowed in self-pity when he found out they weren't. That arc is not over yet, and Finn definitely got a lesson in the end, to be honest. Great episode. Did I miss anything? I'm gonna end here for now but I will be back later so hang in there :D

Time Sandwich

Finn was super cool, lettin' his bro have dat sandwich all to himself 'n' all. That was hella sweet. Sorry, have been reading way to much homestuck lately -_- Aaaaaaanyways, other than that, Finn was just a helpful bud. It was cool.

The Vault

Oh snap this episode was crazy! FINN'S PAST LIVES, HIS REPRESSION, AAAAAAAGH! So first off, I have a theory that Finn was the comet that may have caused the crater (there's a very good theory that a comet actually caused it), second, Finn could be the "bubbleguardian" (Pink goo from Simon and Marcy), and third, Finn is so good at repressing junk! Who knows what else he's got all up in there. I hope they have another repression simulator episode.